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Thanks so much, I’ll give it a shot when I next get a chance!


Ok, takt is ridiculously good. Parameter locks for everything, speed, probability, filters, repeats, clock dividers per step. The amount of detail and work gone into this is scary, from saving patterns, songs, pattern switching, individual looping of tracks like Kria. This is like having a Machine Drum / Digitakt… Elektron should be worried. Thankyou for turning my Norns into a bad version of Autechre! I need to get my glitch chops back :slight_smile: Awesome app.

The only issue I have is with the Norns box itself, not this app - those Norns knobs forever jumping values whenever trying to fine adjust parameters (even when the sequencer is stopped) can be very frustrating, The knobs are just not as responsive as they should be when you turn them which I guess is a Norns firmware thing. It’s never really bothered me before, but the encoder sluggishness, is highlighted much more with this app, because there are so many parameters and options you can change.


re: encoders. i did a recent update to improve acceleration and sensitivity, and i think they feel great now! once the update is out i’d appreciate any feedback.


Heres a video clip of the Fugu app that I found in the code review section. It’s a fugue machine port from Teletype and surprised it’s not been mentioned too much - click for video


I have the exact same problem, but I’ve been too afraid to open up the unit because I have no experience or knowledge. :frowning:

All my encoders are also glitched, making it select values incorrectly. If I scroll down a menu with an encoder relatively fast it sometimes goes the opposite direction. All these issues even after sending it back for reparation makes me wonder about the build quality… I think I have used the unit around 10 times since I purchased it on batch #1.


Looks like this may already be fixed in an upcoming update.

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This is a video to show Norns midi out Zellen sequencer script controlling the modular via sevillasoft midi usb-usb converter and Expert Sleepers FH-1 module. The soundsource is 3 outputs from the Phase Displacement Oscillator

Full video here

I’ve also tried Norns with Ansible connected via the sevillasoft and it works well to get 4 channels CV/Gate


finally fixed meadowphysics for anyone interested. message me with any questions if anything in the implementation is unclear.


Thankyou! Will check it out.


Your MPE script looks really interesting! I tried connecting Seaboard Block and for some reason it doesn’t get detected by Norns, any idea why that might be happening? In the midi settings I can see that it is recognised but neither the screen nor the audio reacts to anything I do with it.


mine has always just worked - however if you’ve got more than one thing connected sometimes I’ve needed to go through and re-add them

Oh - and my script connects to device 1 - no option to change that

Really must go back to that script. I need to have a week of completing things and not starting new stuff…


just posted this. recently discovered the joy of overdub with mlr. using audulus to sequence and modulate.

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Thanks for the Sevillasoft suggestion. Been using it with Ansible and its been great outputting an mlr clock and sequencing with Loom.


finally figured out how to map my midi fighter to norns. its insanely easy. molly the polly and loom are amazing.


Got this new sample playback engine – Timber – in the works…


This is amazing! Very inspiring. I’m excited to play with this and peek under the hood.


Via the monome newsletter

:heart_eyes: Arc support incoming :heart_eyes:


How is it … that Brian can twirl a few knobs, and poke a few buttons, and make better music using Norns than I’ve ever been able to produce, it’s both depressing and exhilarating. Can’t wait for Arc support! Wow!