Approaching: norns



Just wow ! Can’t wait for this.


Wow, this is going to be a big update


Brilliant, and right up my dark little musical alley.


@tehn is that demo arc script in any of the dev branches yet?


I don’t know if I missed it in the email, but was there a time frame for 2.0?


pretty close on the code. getting started on docs. there will be a couple week beta soon.


Very nice sample script. The Feb. batch of Arcs can’t come soon enough!


Public or private beta?


public. basically for those people who don’t have performances coming up :slight_smile:

but it’s been running well. most work left is in updating scripts and docs, and getting the update procedure worked out.


Got an early shipment of a norns and grid today. Pleasant surprise.

Early impressions: less and more than anticipated. Simple and deep exploration ahead.



made a version of meadowphysics with the PolyPerc engine plus midi out(entirely in thanks to @markeats) for anyone interested. the midi is pretty untested, but I mostly just ported it from awake so it should hold up.


Are all dependencies included in the current November release? Does midi out happen concurrently with playing thru PolyPerc?


there’s an option in the parameter menu to have audio out, midi out, or both concurrently.

not sure about the firmware. I’d update to be safe. it’s a relatively simple process. also this requires the meadowphysics library placed in dust/lib/lua/ansible.


Thank you for porting this, it’s been on my dream list for a while.
Does it have the same voice options as the ansible version? Meaning of I connect a shuttle control to horns can I have multiple voices or is it monophonic?


yes if multiple notes are queued then they will all be sent. however, they only stay on for a single beat. toggle mode will keep resending/triggering the note on each beat.

planning on doing a midi version with MollyThePoly where notes just stay on when toggled. could also probably just make it a toggle feature fo the midi out.


Just wondering would the new raspberry pi CM3+ be compatible with norn’s? Seems like it’s got a nice bump in flash memory and performance.


i’m ordering one now for testing. it should work, but i want to make sure before making a recommendation. the 32gb of emmc is amazing.


Would we be able to do a field upgrade on norns to the new chip?


it should be the same process as changing RAM in a computer

The CM3 uses a “standard DDR2 SODIMM connector (the same type of connector as used for laptop memory)”


Thanks - it’s pretty exciting to contemplate the possibilities here.