Approaching: norns



If true it would mean norns is actually pretty easily / cheaply upgradable ? That’d be kind of incredible !


Yes, that sounds fantastic. I can carry more samples and not worry about “tape anxiety” while recording.

As a forum, we could also do something like put together a community-based “norns standard library” for samples, leading to more detailed engines and presets. Thanks to @EqualTemperament, the Orthogonal Devices forum did something similar for the ER-301:


@Tyler and i were talking about this a few weeks ago, so i started assembling some preliminary percussion sounds from oddities lying around the studio—i’ll keep at it if there’s more interest.

perhaps the new script-managing solution will facilitate distribution?


Always interested in percussion sounds!


norns presently ships with 606, 808, 909 kits!


@tehn my enjoyment thereof sparked the want to contribute!

i’ve kept acoustic things brewing exclusively just to be nice and synergistic thus far. my next tentative step was a move towards pitch—perhaps rhodes, chimes, or wine glasses?

in any case, if a community library does become part of the grand master plan, there are works waiting in the wings :slight_smile:


this looks fantastic


Less than a week into the norns adventure, just want to comment on the creativity and musicality of the scripts so far. Won’t list a favorite as I haven’t yet been through them all, but generally these are quite impressive. Will be interesting to see/hear the state of norns this time next year.

Kudos to all.



following up on here - emp, have you had any luck with Manta and Norns? anyone else have at it?



how complex would be to implement parameters modulation inside the scripts? Something like a random lfo…


either create a timer-based randomizer as follows:

r = metro.init()
r.time = 0.025
r.event = function()
  params:set("osc1_freq", math.random() * 100)
  params:set("osc2_freq", math.sin(lfo2_phase))
  lfo2_phase = lfo2_phase + 0.01

or better create an LFO in the supercollider engine. then you can just expose the LFO parameters to the script.


Wouldn’t there already be LFOs in SC? (Haven’t looked and don’t really have a grasp on norns codebase yet.)


SC has LFO’s yes, but the engine is the specific instrument or script it is running. You declare the engine in the beginning of your Lua script.


doing a lua-based LFO is an perfect intro to the system— norns is designed for customization like this. @artfwo’s code above is basically drop-in.

start here to get comfortable with navigation/process:


some github snooping revealed to me that the ability to run crone on macos is fast approaching. exciting stuff


to clarify, i added a few lines to the cmake for the crone standalone so it builds on OSX (but it requires Jack to be installed, which is a bit of a pain.) the crone standalone is for the 2.0 release and isn’t on the master branch of norns right now.

the supercollider stuff that is on the master branch of norns already works fine on macOS or in whatever supercollider environment. (the one caveat is that we don’t typically test the ugen build scripts on macos.)


Trying to figure out what needs to be updated for the ES-Passerby script to work again. It actually does load but loads with (error: init). I am able to go into the parameters and change settings but no longer have the UI. Where do I start to get this working again? Would this have something to do with passerby being updated to v1.1? How difficult would this be to update for someone with little experience?


are you on the master branch of norns? it shouldn’t have broken. or are you trying 2.0 (dev)?


just realized that the above reply was not to my post haha

Not 2.0 dev no thats way above my head. I was revisiting the earthsea + passerby script that @jflee adapted and am just running into problems. Ive been trying to compare lines of code to see what I need to change to maybe get it working again. Looking at dust it seems that the difference was the change of passerby from v1.0 to v1.1 but im just not sure


it shouldn’t be too hard to update the script to make it work again. unfortunately i haven’t been keeping up with norns development lately but i’m hoping to go over the scripts in the near future…