Approaching: norns



Any word on whether the upgraded Pi CM3+ works correctly with norns? Is it something that I could upgrade myself?


i haven’t had a minute to test yet, but i have it here. i think @ngwese also has one. it’s almost certainly going to work fine, but you have to flash the image which is a bit tricky:

dm me and i’ll send you an image link if you decide to try it. replacing the CM3 itself is super easy, just like a RAM stick.


Unfortunately no news from me on the CM3+ front. I have a 32GB model sitting on my desk waiting to go. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to do some hacking this coming Monday and this is close to the top of my list…


Where did you order your CM3+s from? The distributor linked by the official RPi site ( currently only has them on pre-order with no date listed.


you can get them direct from newark (official pi distro)

there’s some modification needed on the image before this is going to work. thanks @ngwese for testing it out.


At the moment this looks a little tricky for me. Also Windows 10. Don’t have access to a Mac. Is it worth me considering running a Linux under Windows 10? For example - - and if so, what would be the most appropriate Linux to set up, given I have a norns.


debian/ubuntu would be fine and similar to norns.

but i think you might be able to do it with cygwin:


Many thanks! :grinning::grinning::grinning: