Approaching: norns



I’ve not done much with my norns yet, but ordered a CM3+ since I have a care package coming from the US since it’s quite cheap.



a safe space?

A software synth for the norns platform. Two unique oscillators: one high, one low, One self-oscillating feedback loop with built-in ladder filter, smearing the pitch of the oscillators. Finally, audio in.

Soon on norns (if developers accept the pull request :wink: ).
update (20.2.2019): merged into dust.

(thanks to @artfwo to introduce me to norns and borrowing one to write the synth)


for the brave: PR is here:


Interesting preview.


Exciting! Looking forward to it!


I"m surprised at how readable the code in that PR is. GAS for a Norns increases a little more.


Thanks; it really is one synthdef that is directly controlled from the interface; also, for now, there is no fancy GUI interaction. All this makes the code relatively simple.

My goal was to build a synth that uses only the controls available on the Norns itself…


very cool- is this something I can try now? in the past to try scripts I’ve just copied and pasted the code into maiden, but can I do that here considering there’s a new engine?


this sounds great! for the video, do you have an audio source going in?


AFAIK, you need to put the engine to the appropriate folder (additionally to adding the lua scripts) and restart (sleep / wake) the norns.


the hi-hat you hear is external (OP-1), everything else is the synth.


Adventures in pixels…

Reading 4 bitmap “sprites” into pixel arrays (via a python script and util.os_capture) and then drawing them with various offsets.


I need to learn how to implement that in my scripts, great work ! :slight_smile:


thank you so much for the Haven synth. This is exactly the type of stuff i was requesting in the Norns ideas thread. Something adventurous, done with synthesis and feedback - a little different from the norm. :slight_smile:


didn’t see the video earlier… sounds like you had fun :slight_smile:


I wrote to a norns scripter earlier today, expressing my joy at what he created. Just so amazingly creative and musical!

The norns platform is just…

Is there an Easter Egg somewhere in the system that will display a scrolling list of all of the chief architects behind this project? If not – you really should build that into v2 for posterity. Etched in time…


loom - > octatrack -> borderlands


Wow. Just wow that was great


Has anyone continued to dig into the possibility of having the Madrona Labs Soundplane connect directly to Norns? Or is someone interested in “taking this on” with me? @randy is this even possible? Thanks.

Soundplane for Norns

SoundplaneLib should “just work”, but the client app is a graphical thing that uses JUCE, you’ll want to modify it or make something else