Approaching: norns

i feel like this is a really great place to start: a guide @eigen put together. i think the kinds of scripts being made in that list do well to reflect what kinds of things people are doing with norns. and its an amazing display of ingenuity and exploration. everything from juno-106 emulators to wifi-sound engines to exploding cats to a musical game bomb defuser.

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i sympathize. there was a time when i had read literally every single norns tagged post on here. long since passed! i will never be able to catch up now, which is really crazy to me. i will see long, long threads of scripts people love that i have never managed to click.

if you go through the norns library tag, thread length doesn’t have any correlation with script quality, but more discussion generally makes it clearer to me what exactly the script does and that helps me figure out if it’s something for me to try out. also typically indicates there are more people to help you out if you hit a snag.

but there’s a bunch of tension within the process of auditioning scripts––there are a lot of scripts that are cool but don’t do anything i need to do in norns. there are also a lot of scripts that do exactly what i want and more, and others that will do stuff that i don’t even know i want to do right now. complicating all this is a kind of instrument–––––utility continuum. CC2 is probably my favorite script but although it has amazing documentation, community, and support the learning curve is fairly steep relative to other plug and play scripts like the stock ones. i love it and i use like 1/8th of what it can do. if i was just trying to speedrun all available scripts i likely would have given up before noticing what i love about it.

so it all comes down to figuring out what you want to do, checking if a script already exists which does that thing, and then if there’s more than one trying to give them a fair enough shot. i have no idea how true this holds for others but based on my own experience, i’d speculate average user is probably only regularly working with a small handful of what’s out there at any given time.


@dan_derks created a curated list with descriptions, categorizations, and even a collaborative demo video between various artists and scripters: apps - docs


I don’t know if here is where this question should be adressed but: could someone tell me which typography Norns uses?

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Hi everyone,

New to the boards here. I mainly work as composer for tv etc., also doing a lot of sound design, so I’m collecting experiences from norns users that have used it in a similar fashion. I’ve seen compass and tape, wondering what else is out there. I already have ER-301, so I’m mostly looking for scripts that take audio input, run processes to process it and then output the processed audio (ER-301 as you might now, does not run scripts).

Looking forward to all the possibilities!

Hi !
Many scripts will do that for you, in different ways;

check out the list mentioned by tehn above apps - docs you’ll find some loopers mentioned under the softcut category. Compass, as an expample, will modulate recording, playback, looping, and sequencing behaviors based on commands.
Cranes was the first script I explored when I got my Norns. It’s fairly easy to understand and very fun :slight_smile:

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After playing around with the shield I decided to buy the regular norns and I have to say it is such a beautiful unit. Also I love how the knobs feel and work. So if anyone hesitates I strongly recommend it, I get inspired just by looking at this thing :nerd_face:

I wonder what was the process behind it, how it became this particular shape


I just got a Norns Shields! I am overwhelmed both with joy and the sheer number of possibilities. Which patches would you recommend getting to know first, both Norns alone and with guitar as an input? I am currently gridless.

There’s so many, but try playing your guitar into otis, it’s both immediate and complex, one of my favorites:


Thanks! I just tried it out and it seems great! I’m having an issue however, I wonder if anyone has had it before? The output level pretty quickly goes to 100% and just shuts off. I would be fine with this if I could keep the level really low to be safe, but the volume is pretty weak overall, so turning down the output is not really an option. Also, with my guitar plugged in the out volume monitor continuously climbs into saturation even if I’m not playing. But it does not really seem to be noise, since I can’t hear anything… Any ideas?

Not sure what is going on, try adjusting levels in the params menu? (and not just the mixer screen)

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Curious if there is anything with arpeggiators/chords custom kinda set ups.

As far as arps I’d recommend Cheat Codes 2. As far as chords there might be a script but if not I’m sure it wouldn’t be to hard to make a script like earthsea/plonks that lets you set a chord shape that is saved and then transposed to whatever note you play.

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interesting! Will explore

Hello everyone! I’ve had my Norns for a fairly short time. But long enough to where I have finally really started to delve into its capabilities. I’ve been trying out some new/old scripts, and occasionally run into this in Maiden while loading a script.

Clock: ignoring resumption of canceled clock (no coroutine)

I’d like to learn the mechanics of what this message means. And hopefully, how I might be able to go about solving/repairing scripts with this error. Basically ready and more than willing to dive in, get my hands dirty, and learn more about this fun musical machine. Thanks for all help in advance! :hugs:

this message is typically caused by attempting to resume cancelled or finished coroutines - this can happen for many reasons depending on the script, but since it happens on script reloading for you, i would be curious to know more about the conditions to reproduce it.

we’ve updated the clock lib to provide a stack trace on this error, so it will be easier to debug in the forthcoming update.


parameter map menu levels are not saved. every time a new script is loaded mapping is erased.

oh dang, good call. logged: FR: system.pmap · Issue #1366 · monome/norns · GitHub

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Is it possible to record external audio into Norns Tape while a script is running and producing sounds but without recording these script sounds, just the external source? How could I achieve that?

the input mix to TAPE is fixed, so this isn’t possible.

we’ve limited the mix-matrix paths to conserve CPU and keep the UI less complex. this could change in the future, but it would likely accompany a more radical UI change overall, and i haven’t even begun to conceive of what that would be.

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