Approaching: norns

Ok, thanks for the info!

One question more. (I don’t know if I should ask it here or in the Flora post.) If I’m using Flora with Crow to sequence external gear, is Flora producing sounds with the internal engine or are these sounds bypassed?

I believe when you select CROW out or the JF option then the internal engine stops producing sounds.

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Wish you are right. This afternoon I will try it!

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Has anyone gotten norns to sequence a minilogue xd? Any advice is great!

Do you have a specific idea about which script you want to use? I haven’t tried using my minilogue xd with norns but can give it a go and report back.

EDIT: I just hooked up the xd to norns via USB. Selected ‘minilogue xd 2’ as the MIDI device. Ran Awake and it seems to work very nicely.

Was just thinking to start with awake but strum would be awesome too. Basically anything sequencer wise, as I’m new to it and trying to see what happens!

got it working for the most part, thanks for your help! Wasn’t sure about Icarus but the rest were super cool haha

having an odd problem with tape right now (on shield) - whenever i start a tape recording, it stops after about half a second. additionally i can’t play anything from /tape/. has anyone experienced this?

let me know if this isn’t the right thread - thanks in advance <3

is your disk full?

to check, press key2 on the select/ system/ sleep menu screen. remaining disk space is listed on the left, second row from the top.

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thanks! i think that was my problem. however after clearing out tape i see it only shows 1,786M of space, while i have a 128G sd card. did i miss a step in setting that up?

did you expand the filesystem? norns shield | monome/docs


That’s the one - was just coming back here to post that link for future travelers. Thanks for the quick help for a noobie, everyone !~



I know that the next batch of the original Norns is due early 2022, but I’m wondering whether it’s possible to order it somewhere else, apart from the monome website? I’m located in the EU.


hi @St0rMl0rD — we don’t use retailers, so the only option besides direct is to get one secondhand. they come up from time to time in the Trade category.


thanks! have a norns shield but would love the real deal

Hey everyone , I’ve just ordered my first Norns Shield from Monome and I’m incredibly excited.

My main use for it initially would be as a midi controller to generate patterns and hopefully chords for my external gear.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on which scripts they like and also where to start building my knowledge?



Perhaps the sequencers category on will be of help. Every script that has two archs (reads like the letter m) has midi functionality. For drums a nice starting point is Cyrene and for exploring possibilities there is Orca (which you run on all sorts of computers while you wait for delivery).

Thanks for your reply , just checking Orca out now …wow ! Have a great day

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Oh dear


Hahaha brilliant, it’s a lot of fun

what script do you use for giving that lofi ambient wash? anything like zvex lofi junky?