Approaching: norns



here’s the screen drawing code:

-- screen redraw function
redraw = function()
  -- clear screen
  -- set pixel brightness (0-15)
  -- enable anti-alasing
  -- set line width
  -- move position
  -- draw line
  -- stroke line
  -- draw arc: x-center, y-center, radius, angle1, angle2
  -- draw rect: x,y,w,h
  -- draw curve
  -- draw poly and fill
  -- draw circle,20,10)

  -- set text face
  -- set text size
  -- draw text
  -- draw centered text
  -- draw right aliged text



indeed the second batch has sold out. thank you all for the overwhelming support.

i’m getting the process moving to have more available by august. we won’t be doing a preorder for these until we have a solid release date (and perhaps won’t do a preorder at all if we can manage to make a larger batch).

crow ETA is hopefully around august as well. we’ll be writing more about crow once we get a bit further in development.


Good timing for my birthday in September :wink:


Ah cool. Feels a bit like processing or canvas :+1:


200 units in 3 days. Is that a record?


I think “intimidating” is a strong word. but lets not be vague about it, to me it looks like a sampler and possibly a midi sequencer/looper.
All I am asking for is, a strait up definition of what it is, and what it can actually do, pretty simple really.
Ive looked over this thread, I’ve got plenty of ideas of what it could be, but nothing fixed specifically.


It can do anything that SuperCollider can do, and you can program interfaces for your SC code using Lua to interact with Grid/Arc, midi, or usb controllers.

SC can do a lot including synthesis, scoring, sampling, etc.


welcome to the wonderful world of monome

jokes aside

you are asking something that’s nearly impossible to answer in the manner that you want us to
this device doesnt do one thing

it is a small computer
optimized to run, store, and switch between digital instruments (eg. a sampler, a midi sequencer, etc)

it’s capable of other things
and will be capable of more in the future because it is open/programmable


I think that’s the point that excites many people and intimidates (or concerns?) others. It’s an open ecosystem for exploration.


it will become much more clear what it does once a foundation of scripts (instruments) are demonstrated properly.

at this moment i feel incredibly fortunate that this community has many of the same goals in the instrument design we’re pursuing— and the confidence we can pull it off— before actually seeing the final state of many of the scripts.

ps. making progress on kria and earthsea and a drum programmer…


Are those scripts especially for interaction with Crow and modular, or both that and virtual instruments in Norns?


Having missed the first batch by seconds I was hoping that the second batch would last until grid was available again to save on shipping. Damn. Hopefully there will still be some grids in stock when Norns becomes available again. :roll_eyes:


having scripts (like a step sequencer) change output between internal synth/sampler, midi out, OSC out, or CV out is pretty trivial. i’m planning to build a reusable module for generic output switching…


i :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: kria


Sounds really good! Can’t wait to dive in. Intrigued to learn some more basic programming to understand these trivial stuff.


hey has the code been released i am not sure if i missed it but is there a github or suggestions for code IDEs?
I found Zbrane studio but i would love to get this machine organized and start porting/writing some code that can do some fun things. So i am assuming that SC is the audio engine and the LUA is scripting stuff? Is there an explanation for Norns somewhere i can dive into? I am on Research hours this summer before my next contract starts and this definitely qualifies :slight_smile:


I’ve longed for the return of a stable MLR platform outside of a computer and I can’t put in words how exciting this is…

I thought I was out of the game, but now I have to come back. :sunny:


I would love it if you could port your orangelle patches over to the norns :pray:


I wonder if we’ll see some Mutable code running on norns at some point.


The code for maiden (the norns editor) will be released with the shipping of the first batch (along with all the other code).

If one is looking to experiment with Lua in advance any editor will do (gvim, emacs, sublime, VS Code, etc.). The primary distinguishing feature of maiden is that it is designed to be run (served) directly off norns and provide interaction with matron (the norns Lua engine). As an editor maiden is fairly minimal.