Approaching: norns



My ignorance of Gendy led me to this absolute gem of an intro:


almost certainly, although interestingly without dedicated MIDI or clock inputs, clocking both together seems nontrivial (probably not hard).


oh thank god for that.


Given that all numbers are double in Lua, that is definitely for the best!


This is what has me so geeked over this box. The imagination and ingenuity of the community will undoubtedly seed this fertile platform.

I regretfully sold my grids as I moved away from laptop / computer based setups and also assumed monome was focusing more on eurorack, which I do not indulge.


Some nerdy questions, more for curiosity than anything else1.

SuperCollider or SuperNova?

How is the device USB port connected to SoC? Is there any chance of GadgetFS use?

How do we flash the eMMC?

What’s the separation like between factory and user scripts? Will there be a directory I can git init for my own stuff?

I can’t find anything on crone in the Supercollider docs?

:+1: on the Raspberry Pi, the ‘made in UK’ ones are manufactured nearish to where I live.

1 Haven’t really got the time for something like this just now (baby…), but I have very fond memories of hacking on the Teletype which I mainly did when my eldest was younger during her nap times, etc. I’m hoping to do something similar to that later this year.


Apologies if this has been made clear already; would sending midi out of Norns (for something like Kria for instance) just require plugging in a driverless midi usb cable/interface? I have a usb midi cable which requires drivers unfortunately, but also have a Korg sq-1 which might do the job, though I’d then worry about current draw from this whilst also having a grid plugged in.

Edit; looks like sq-1 has drivers too.


AFAIK Linux has drivers for Korg MIDI interfaces. Can anyone confirm?


Try this in Javascript:

true + true + " " + true


clocking is not something that has been implemented yet. it will be added first via MIDI, but a CV solution will emerge a bit later


no gadgetFS. the USB port is hardwired to a USB switch which toggles between the USB hub and the mini-usb power port (with some other pins toggled which turns the CM3 into USB disk mode, which requires a small application to send some commands to activate this mode). once it’s in disk mode it mounts like any disk, so you can dd to update the image if needed.

we have a separate update process though which doesn’t require any of this.

yes you could add a sub-git. or you could just fork the main script repo and replace it.

crone is a set of classes specific to norns

ps, awesome that these sorts of questions are what you guys ask :slight_smile:


This is only the case up to Lua 5.2; as of 5.3 the language now has integers (as a subtype of number).


Ah. One of the tutorial pages I read mentioned the only doubles bit.

Also, norns is using Lua rather than LuaJIT right? I recall reading something about them diverging a bit.


Currently Lua - there was some talk of LuaJIT awhile back but there were some trade offs (like loosing the integer types and bitwise operations in Lua 5.3). I think in time the topic might come up again.


Having just done a bit of Googling myself, I get the feeling that LuaJIT is a bit unsupported at the moment, is that right?

More questions that follow on from that (that may be better in the Lua thread), are you going to use something like LuaRocks? Or go with a ‘blessed’ set of packages that comes on every norn(s).


Can this plug into a class comp soundcard like rme and be able to route using scripts and and control as a dca n all that?


Just checked with my Korg Radias (which requires the Korg driver), that shows up on Linux. No promises about the SQ-1 though, but there is a decent chance that it would work.


I’m pretty new to all this but this looks like a customized version of Notes in the Terms package? Either way it looks very interesting. So I’m with @nitefish on this one. Would really appreciate a link to this. Please?


I’ve been following this thread along, and Norns seems like a lot of fun — like a finely designed and crafted instrument. I’m really happy for Brian, Kelly and the community.

Also, this is the 1000th post in the thread. It was just too tempting to write. It shows people are really excited about Norns; I can’t wait to see what you will all create.


mentioned earlier that while you can plug in a soundcard and do some linux manipulation to have it work, but it’s not an immediate use case that will work right away.


I’m experiencing ‘not-buying-norns’ remorse here. If anyone is experiencing ‘buying-Norns’ remorse and wants to swap, let me know :roll_eyes::+1::pray::sob: