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the sold out button has the expected restock date— perhaps it’s not clear enough unfortunately




looking at the mlr manual in the may 8 thread has got me all excited again. I imagine doing something like activating record with a footswitch is a lower level thing that even a beginner to coding could take on? Also, really looking forward to that diy usb footswitch that @tehn mentioned, but since norns has bluetooth, does that mean that something like this could work?

Also, i have a midi mongoose that sends out PC but I imagine that norns could translate midi messages like Bome does?


Oh sorry! Privacy Badger was blocking Shopify’s cookies so the website wasn’t showing that bit.
It’s actually pretty obvious now that it displays it correctly!


How about multiple grids running different apps/scripts? I think it was mentioned before it’s currently not supported. How complex would it be to run say a step sequencer on a 16x8 and faders on a 8x8? Or would it be easier to extend an existing script with paging?


I think there was news upthread about only running one script at a time… but if we take the lead of other upthread news about the grid-interfacing libraries being essentially the same as the ones we’re used to, a single script ought to be able to target instructions to multiple grids.


Sorry where is the manual for MLR?



it’s here: Norns in NYC may 8


norns is coming…

but so is maiden!


the norns drought is KILLING me



Magical Norns Runes are Magical.


I have not found anything about it here but learning that the grid could damage teletype with excessive power draw made me wonder how much current the USB connectors of norns can provide to connected devices which are powered via this USB connection.

I am thinking of a use case where I would connect a faderbank to norns while simultaneously outputting CV to 16 arbitrary eurorack modules.


gijs is that you??

i’m kidding of course but half my time using gieskes modules is referring back to the manual to remind me which arrows mean what


One word: tooltips

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norns has USB overcurrent protection.


“chicken coop flashlight mode certified”


Sounds great! Would it be meaningful to specify how much current is overcurrent?


I’ve reconsidered the wisdom of making a Spaceballs reference and beg your forgiveness.


TPS2021D is the current controller, 900mA max for all four ports together.