Approaching: norns



@tehn or someone else who knows: does that leave adequate headroom to power a moderately lit-up grid & arc with some room for any other low-power plug-in?


should be fine, yes. you will not get good battery life however.


Does anyone know of any custom case manufacturers? I’m looking for something like a soft laptop case to hold the norns and cables plus power supply.


There are a number of different Pelican cases that would do the trick. Back in the Day, the isms systems were shipped in custom-fitted (but still off-the-shelf) Pelican cases. I plan to get one to hold Norns, a Grid, a small number of Effects Boxes, A Minimal Mixer, and Various and Sundry Power Supplies. And some Atomic Fireballs because it’s always good to have some of those. And some wet wipes. And probably a pen and a Rhodia pad. Oh and a paddle toy.


Various and Sundry Power Supplies … truly the dark underbelly of making electronic music.


Seriously TMI. 20 characters of TMI, in fact.


If you’ve seen the Steve Martin movie “The Jerk” the reference will make sense.


bobbcorr put the old pizza in a cup guy out of business


And this thermos. That’s all I need.


And a Montreal Assembly Count to Five. And this ashtray.


i was thinking it might be cool to make a count to five pedal emulation for norns that could be cv controlled. could be fun as a project to learn lua. the concept is simple enough. three buffers with variable speed. another idea i had was a setup in which you could dj with norns. you could have a grid be a dj mixer and keep all the songs on a usb stick or something. anyway just thinking out loud here. also, the cans!! they hate the cans!!


having fun passing the time until receiving norns by going through the list of sc3-plugins (linked earlier by @trickyflemming).

for example, can’t wait to check out this one:

Implementation of Xenakis’s idea of sieve based synthesis, generalized to use fuzzy (probabilistic) sieves. Sieves are stored in buffers and can be dynamically swapped.


with arc as the controller!


wow yes! very cool idea. didn’t even think of that


batteries in a van next to train tracks


Earlier in this thread, I posted my thoughts on The SuperCollider Book. I updated my thoughts in the main SuperCollider thread, but thought that I’d post it here for visibility. Norns is still two weeks away, but I’m already happy that it’s encouraged me to focus a lot of mental energy on something free, open-source, and portable. It ended up making all of the SuperBooth announcements seem way less exciting to me:


Would a bluetooth gamepad work with Norns?


norns does not have Bluetooth. However I believe it should be possible with a USB-bluetooth dongle like this.


Awesome I was wondering about that. Could it also transmit midi with this?


Anyone else want nanoloop for norns?