Approaching: norns



no worries, was meant to be supplementary


I’m glad to have a reminder



norms 256 support would be awesome


woke up to a github notification that @zebra added a vocoder…


Xenakis had some musical composition/conductor games too FWIW


We are all one day closer to dagur nornanna.


I’m preparing myself for when The First One Hundred receive their inaugural devices and this thread goes extra-bonkers.




Waiting patiently for second batch…


+1 on the idea of Norns as DJ box.
Trying to imagine what this would look like.

some basic feature requests off the top of my head (at work now):
would be fun to be able to cue up waveforms on display,
using on-board knob/arc/midi to scrub through tracks,
tracks assignable to either 1/4" output/ cue to headphone out,
auto-bpm analysis with speed-adjust linked to BPM,

Maybe once the dev libraries are posted and the units are shipping and everyone’s hacking away, it would make sense to start some project discussions in #development


This is my first “Monome drop” moment. Do boutique shops commonly get orders in? There’s this place called Robotspeak in SF that seems like a place that would have some of the first run units. Or do we just wait until there are more on the ecomm site?


Norns is only going to be sold direct from monome.


Well yeah but what’s stopping a boutique guy from picking up 5 or 10?


The lack of margins to make $$$


Margins are kinda irrelevant for a run of 300, right? I’m only interested in acess to cool instruments. It seems like money isn’t the barrier here.


I’m not sure I understand your point.

any boutique shop has little reason to sell norns for zero profit.

so long as batches of norns are selling within a few hours, there’s not a lot of reason for monome to to take less margin to sell them to boutique shops.


One possible reason is maintaining relationships with stores that sell a lot of grids or Monome modules. (And honestly, if I were a betting man, I think once the third-party code is really flowing, there will be enough interest in nornses that a little bit of retail will start to make sense.)

[I hasten to add that I have no inside knowledge and am just blowing some no( r )nsense]


I’d like to have a place to distribute Monome things and I’m curious how that distribution works, outside of this forum.


we use retailers for our modules-- quite a few of them (but not as many as most modular retailers). a few of them are: control voltage, control, analog haven, EFN, perfect circuit.

norns won’t be in retailers: we can do this because of the supportive community here. it allows us to offer norns at a substantially more affordable price-- retailer discount is typically 30%.

so, thank you all for supporting our work and allowing us to continue creating new instruments!