Approaching: norns

And for a change that amount includes taxes and shipping to anywhere :crazy_face:

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Shipping number 2303 in the first batch, still no shipping confirmation here.

understanding that i don’t know the intricacies of order numbering systems, so someone correct me if i’m wrong, but i remember reading that the first order number was around 2225, and i believe both batches were for 100 units. so wouldn’t this mean you were in the first batch?? fwiw i’m order 2312 and pretty sure i’m in the first batch (my email said it would ship around may 22 which to me is indicating it was probably 1st batch, but maybe they all said that). i def could be wrong tho, but glad it’s on the way to you :slight_smile:


i could not resist and i am 2310 which may be the end of the first batch area too

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Did you get a shipping confirmation?

nope not yet, but waiting patiently tho. it seems they’ve resolved the shipping glitches now so it should be proceeding as expected

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Ok cool. I’m not worrying, just curious to know what other 1st batchers were seeing. Cheers for the update.

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shipping update.

to restate yet again, there was a minor shipping glitch at the beginning that slipped a few second batches out. today was solidly doubly-checked in-order shipping.

we shipped more than we expected (and also basically all of the grid orders) but now i’ve hit a snag where the remainder of the first batch are likely going to take more time than is realistic to get to the post office before tomorrow morning at 11am (despite the fact that we’ve been staying up late, waking early). monday is a holiday so tuesday will be the day for some of the end-of-first-batch— i’m very sorry for the delay— i am hopelessly optimistic when it comes to figuring out how to scale-up production on new things (and somehow haven’t learned after 12 years). thank you for your patience everyone.

re: source code. big crew of contributors doing the final clean and fix and doc. we’ll get it public some time next week. of course you’ll be able to edit the scripts on the device immediately so the code will be visible. first “study” by end of next week. but there is a good amount of functional fun things to play with upon arrival! (@dan_derks looked slightly tired this morning :slight_smile: and he wasn’t even using a grid with the norns)

again thank you for your patience and continued support. i can’t believe this thing exists!!


Thanks for the updates brian
I am sure when it gets here it’ll be awesome.
Cats and i are watching a documentary about Baroque Churches when seeing something completed in your lifetime was a fantasy :slight_smile: So congratulations LOL


Thanks for the hard work, I appreciate the update. No rush with these things as I plan for a long relationship with Norns. Hope you’re all getting some rest this weekend.


Y’all are amazing. Congrats on bringing a new thing into the world, and excited to watch it mature with this group.

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I was one of those “Supposed to be second batch” folk. I can’t (shouldn’t) use mine until after June 8th anyway so I’d be willing to pass it to one of the folks who were actually supposed to be first batch


yooooooooooooooooooo @griotspeak

missed you on here man!


I think that would be a mistake. According to Hofstadter’s Law, it always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law. So, if you had anticipated it taking longer, then it would have taken longer still, thus delaying the project further. I think you’ve really dodged a bullet here.


Slightly stupid question, do I need to know anything (script coding etc) if I dump down cash on norns and grid? Obviously Ive never owned anything monome.

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Nope! Curiosity and tenacity will be crucial, though.


honestly that depends…

the device let’s you carry several “instruments” and load them whenever you need to play something

to load an instrument requires nothing more than navigating a simple menu and selecting a “script” (there’s no need to type or understand code unless you want to make something new or modify an existing script)

if you have no interest in learning the technical details yourself, take sufficient time to listen to what the machine is capable of (in other peoples’ video and audio demonstrations) and decide whether it seems worth the money to you

so far we’ve seen a euclidean rhythm app for sequencing samples:

a livelooper/sampling instrument:

and a few other things briefly shown here:

As the docs launch in coming weeks and users document their experiences with the first batch I think you’ll have a clearer answer to your question. Certainly by september (when norns goes on sale again) you will have plenty more on which to base your opinion of the software


Its here!! 20 Characters of norns!


great mail day (totally coincidental the book showed up today)


We were out of town and USPS required a signature. :frowning: Tuesday it is, then.