Approaching: norns

If it’s any help, i’m 2296 and got a confirmation a couple minutes ago. Had had similar fears over the wknd and traced back to this comment about the first norns order being 2225.

obviously not an official answer from monome, but I’d have faith your shipment notification is forthcoming

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all shipment notifications are out.


i haven’t tried norns usb, but i did have an op1 (actually two) with major noise over usb. i was never able to fully fix it, but i did make things MUCH better with these three things (#1 has already been mentioned)

•shut off charging in op1’s com menu
•use a power conditioner, like the awesome furman power racks
•use a high quality usb hub [like this one]

best of luck!! currently my endorphin shuttle control is my noisy bastard of the studio.


my norns arrived, but opening the box revealed a cracked oled panel :weary:

looks like I’ll be waiting a little bit longer to dive into it. it’s lovely in person and so small!

docs updated and much more to come:


From the updated doc’s.

KEY2 resets sequence positions.

HOLD KEY, then:
ENC1 changes scale mode.
ENC2 changes filter cutoff.
ENC3 changes release time.
TAP KEY1 quickly to enter MENU.

At the top of this section is it mean to say ‘hold key 2’ or 1?

Errbody needs to stop having fun and start uploading some videos of Norns in action!


Im planning on recording my first session in all its beginners mind / noobiness. I think next week sometime depending on aus customs.




I’m being pretty optimistic about arrival time through aus customs. I don’t know if my optimism is warranted.

This (cvPal) will be one of the first things I try out when I get norns.

It lives! Couldn’t stop myself from turning it on in the park on the way home.


you have the prettiest dog
i’m extremely jealous!


norns and some new old books arrived yesterday.
loving already.


I keep thinking “look at its cute little FAAAAACE” in response to all these pictures as if norns were a cat or something


wow norns. going to completely awaken making music wherever i go and performing sample based pieces in ways that i always dreamed of…

quick phone vid of GLUT, the sampler-in-progress using all pre loaded norns sounds


Must be a weird optical illusion but it looks to me like you’re holding the norns with one hand, then holding the phone with another hand, and then using your third hand to push the side/volume button on the phone to take the actual photo.

(which reminds me of my favorite passage from 50 Shades of Grey:)

Christian Grey put his thumb in my mouth. And then the other one. And then two more. ”Wider,” he said as he put in one more. “I bet you’ve never had this many thumbs in your mouth.” I hadn’t.


Do any of the initial Norns apps support Arc?

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Thank you! She’s a very good dog. She puts up with a lot of strange sounds.

Hah! That’s my wife holding a treat above my head. She wanted in on the photo. As much as I wish that my dog looked that enthusiastic whenever I played with a synth, we had to settle for the time-tested liver treats.