Approaching: norns

thanks for the typo heads up. it’s KEY1

Do any of the initial Norns apps support Arc?

not yet, coming soon!

there are so many things this new thing can potentially do, it’s very difficult to prioritize which to work on (let’s say this is a good thing for now)


Somehow only just when I saw your video did I think “oh shit I could take that to the park”, despite knowing that it’s battery powered. I think it was suddenly seeing it with a Grid and those speakers. #theGASisreal


not to put too fine a point on it, but … laptops can also go to parks.


Agreed. This is an extremely playable version of mlr. Love being able to so easily toggle quantization on and off. And pattern recording speed changes and reversals, in addition to step jumps is so much fun…


wow, nice video. i’ve also went busking a couple of times with norns, grid, minirig (i only have one) and glut here in novosibirsk and it’s literally a very lightweight setup without the laptop.


thanks for creating a beautiful sampler. going out with that setup is one of the things i’m most looking forward to… so simple, so so so light. my experience so far has been immediate music making. something i think is very valuable these days in a world where electronic music making devices are made to do so many different things often in a distracting way. the ~stock~ norns really focuses on fun and intuitive creating with so much depth that is both inspiring and non-intimidating. bravo!


So true — can’t wait to get mine and join in on the fun. More exploration vids pls, thanks for that last one! :smile: :pie:


:hushed: amazing stuff thanks for posting

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Just opened my Norns! Can I just say A+++ on package design. So masterfully thought out. Haven’t been that impressed since the mid 2000’s apple products!!! Nice work!


So I understand how to save parameter settings and reload them in mlr. But I don’t see a way to save sets of 16 clips. Is that possible, or do you always start with a blank set of 16 clips in the current version?

ive had norns for about an hour and its nothing short of fantastic. already played with earthsea and mlr. i sampled some acoustic guitars from vinyl and immediatly i was getting lost in the sounds. this new mlr is beautiful. the whole device is incredibly intuitive. i was immediately having fun making music with it. i posted a few vids in my instagram stories at

more to come no doubt.

thank you so much monome and everyone involved with making this. never thought something this cool would ever see the light of day. yet here we are.


Hey guys, have you tried MLR in a more “rythmic” way? ie using drum / percussion /rythmic material? anticipating the arrival of mine!

And how do you sync the norns with an external clock? is midi the only way for now?

how are you liking the minirig pair with norns? I’ve got a pair and a sub I’m looking forward to using with norns if I can get in on the forthcoming batch

the minirigs feel good. the portability of norns makes me want to set it up everywhere else i can before i plug it into my main music area, and i’ve yet to find a rechargeable speaker that lasts as long and sounds as good as the minirig, so it was right away the first thing i thought to do.

i have improvised music for dance classes a couple times with the minirigs in pretty big rooms and they always sound amazing. norns deserves no less when it’s on the go. that reverb!


Was totally thinking the same thing ! That reverb is reeeeeally pretty sounding


So Norns has a mixer section and reverb? I asked above early on but didn’t get a clear answer, could you play through mlr mixing in the source material, sampled/processed material in mlr and add end of chain reverb (and delay)? This is already enough for me and is super exciting!

Ok; this thing is so damn fun and incredibly malleable. Was able to pick it up at my office today (arrived there Saturday … arg, damn holiday weekend). Here is my first experiment.

Modified the 16sliders patch by a) fixing an issue with the metronome initialization (moved the metro initialization above the init function) and b) adding MIDI support and teaching it to talk to a 16n prototype faderbank. It was begging to do that ever since I played with the app in NYC at the beginning of the month.

I renamed it 16nSliderz.

Hitachino White Ale in a beaker is optional.


It shouldn’t be, that stuff is delicious.


there is a global reverb which effects all programs that you can turn on and off and change some parameters of. there is also a global compressor. i would imagine that the future holds more possibilities for effects both global and program specific (i def am going to look into it).

a mixer section is not really what norns has… there is input and output gain, monitor gain, and a very basic record function (think like recording to the vinyl on an op1). in LEVELS, you record, and those recordings get stored in the tape folder that can be accessed within samplers as well as in play mode in LEVELS if you wanna just hear what you’ve got.

when in mlr you have the option to either record something live into one of four tracks from a norns input (this method is through mlr program, not LEVELS), or you can load a “clip” from norns internal storage, ie the tape folder. and you can do all of this live, even change the reverb settings all very smoothly while mlr plays in the background and grid is working as a controller.

i also just checked and you can have an audio file (like a field recording or long backing track type thing) playing in LEVELS simultaneously with mlr, and i assume any other program!


Is the Norn’s version of Earthsea able to control other devices? Or just norn’s interal synth voices.

Looking at some of the LUA code is making me very excited to do some Norn hacking :sunny:

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