Approaching: norns



first try makin crunchy stuff!!!


and one more, but this time pretty!


i just did this. i make very rhythmic, experimental hip hop. i loaded up some loops from my songs in to mlr and was cutting it up over drum breaks. it is amazing.

okay so its 4:40 am and i should be getting up for work in a few hours. but time just flew by playing with norns. everything worked perfectly for me. a rare experience in the world of electronic instruments. not once did i want to throw anything at a wall. a serious feat considering the depth of the thing.

i was able to check out maiden via wifi, play with all the scripts ( mlr is unreal, glut, playfair and earthsea are also favorites ), load my own sounds and live sample my modular in to mlr. the onboard synthesizer sounds really good as does the reverb. everything is set up really wonderfully and its easy to get right in and start making music.

figured id share my amazing first experience, especially with those who may be a bit nervous about norns potentially being too complicated. this is coming from someone who is not good with technology and knows nothing about computers.


right now it’s the internal synth only, but MIDI/OSC output is coming.

midi sync is possible, but it’s not yet implemented in any of the scripts. coming! (it’s very easy to add, i could do this as a lua tutorial)

this is a very raw/early version of mlr and i have a lot of plans for features— right now there is no set saving or audio file export— those are both on the list.


are you at liberty to speak about these runes and the work you contributed to this project?


will multiple versions of apps be maintained in the repo?

if so, i imagine it will become one of my favorite ways to learn

perhaps…even better than a “study”
since we’ll be able to compare updates to previous iterations and see how the script of a familiar app gets refined (feature by feature)


the whole thing is a git repository, so you’ll be able to compare history/updates very easily (with diffs, i can show this in a tutorial).

but if there are parallel versions of a script they’ll have to use different names, which is fine. generally i plan to maintain singular versions of my own scripts unless there’s a very divergent feature. and of course anyone can copy a script into their own folder for private use or also submit it to be included in the community repo as well. a “contribution guide” is also on the list of things to write up. (so much to do on this front)

we’re ironing out some features in maiden before it gets a restyling (@laborcamp’s designs look incredible)


Love it, thanks for sharing! – Also …where them beats at!! :smiley:


I’m representing the Australian Norns Batch #3 Wait Group over here! :frowning:


of course, there are lots of opportunities for collaboration too.


i agree with all this. need to mess with mlr more for sure, but without barely knowing a thing (since mlrV for me), i was up and running. awake is superb. like absolutely superb. tonally, i was skeptical, but no more am i after spending a few hours with it. the timbres i was creating were magical.

onboard reverb/compression is so great!!! didn’t even know it had that!!!

so excited to bring this bad boy to the cabin soon with the 4-track for a week. gonna be productive i can already tell :):blush:


Is the reverb freeverb? Jus’ gussin’ from looking at the scripts…


the system provides a custom reverb by @zebra (in the aux effects under menu > audio). glut uses freeverb for the possibility of having a 100% wet mix, but i intend to replace it with JPverb in the next revision.


Will I also be able to control norns’s generic parameters like level of the built-in 2-track-recorder, its transport functions, and the built-in reverb via Lua script?


sure :slight_smile: the recorder (tape) is mostly hidden in the menu code and will require a bit of work to control it from a script. the reverb - yes.


First sounds!

Got inspired by @stripes last night to use pre-loaded samples in Glut, and recorded a few passes to tape (so easy!). Later, while lying in bed (!!!), I used these samples in the awesome Playfair script, recorded that, and then uploaded the recording to Soundcloud without any extra processing.

USB sync was a breeze to get these recordings to my computer, I should add. I’m amazed at my experience with Norns so far, and I haven’t even touched MLR yet – that’ll be this afternoon’s project.


Whew that B. S. Johnson is beautiful, but a real destroyer :sob::sob::sob:


Do people see the same sort of “shadow” band extending across the screen when key 2 is pressed in meters display?


Yes just checked and I have this as well. Seems its related to the Tape > Record text and not a glitch.


what “app” is that? you are using