Approaching: norns



Are all the first batch units out yet? I’ve had my notification for a week now but still shows no signs of parcel with usps


@madeinspace i just checked your tracking and it’s on the way?


Thanks for the detailed response! Exactly what I wanted to hear, and then this…


Hey guys. I finished the first part of my Norns videos. This one focuses on MLR.

It’s a performance with some visual aides to explain the Grid layout and a little bit of the workflow.

The input being sampled is from my modular, and there’s no post-processing on the audio.


I can’t remember if this has been addressed yet, but will the maiden web interface also be made open-source? It’s beautiful and I could imagine a lot of uses coming from a javascript interface like that.


Keen on getting maiden working from an ipad as well if (it isn’t already). That would be my ideal setup: Norns in hotspot mode with ipad pro for editing.


I just tried on my iPhone 5s and Maiden seems to work. Are you sure JavaScript is enabled on your iPad?


Awesome! I was only speculating, that’s great news.


Yes! - It will be made public along w/ the rest of code (soon)!


During development the only testing which was done was on desktop browsers but the desire is to support tablets/mobile devices as well. There are probably a handful of tweaks which need to be made for a proper touch experience…


So I made a thing. An example of glut in action.


Discovered a great feature tonight while using glut.

If you hold KEY1 while on the PARAMETERS page, a save/load menu will pop up. Hitting the associated save key will save a snapshot of your settings. Hitting the load key will instantly load those parameters back. This is very similar to FN+YES and FN+NO on the Digitakt (one of my favorite features). Excellent for setting flags in the ground before continuing an experiment.


Not sure if this is relevant and these look like different screens but I know Synthtech runs burn in’s on screens with blue pill boards and wondering if the manufacturer does the same see attached


i would love to know this one - i think probably not but would like to see some Arc stuff added


looks like it’s something to look forward to. also very excited to see some examples of arc implementation within apps. I’d like to build some arc-specific stuff, but having a jumping off point would be really helpful.


i think PLAYFAIR would be incredible with arc integration!

while messing around today i thought of revised controls based around arbitrary voice selection (which would be possible with more encoders…)

enc2 = density
enc3 = length

arc1 = length [voice 1]
arc2 = length [voice 2]
arc3 = length [voice 3]
arc4 = length [voice 4]

key2 = reset phase
key3 = select
key1 = ALT [when held]

arc1 = density [voice 1]
arc2 = density [voice 2]
arc3 = density [voice 3]
arc4 = density [voice 4]

enc2 = select pattern

key2 = store pattern
key3 = load pattern

i think these slight adjustments would make ER an even more effective tool for performative rhythm experiments


Another little Glut exploration:

Gonna try my best to record as many Norns sessions as possible and add them all to this running playlist.


Damn, that is nice! So, Glut is a sampler type instrument, yes? What is the sound source here? I’m so excited to receive mine.


Really nice. Keep them coming.


Thanks @Plym and @Ravel !

Glut is the granular engine - 8 tracks, I think? - with a ton of amazing parameters. For the post above, I recorded a few previous pieces of mine to disk in Norns (pieces I’ve recently shared on the forum, actually), and then used them as samples for mangling in Glut.

One of my favorite things about Norns so far is the ability to quickly experiment, record to disk, and then use that layer as either a base for use in a different engine, or a background track for something else.