Approaching: norns



very nice… does glut require a grid and if yes, would it work with a 64 grid as well?


yes, in fact a very basic granular sampler somewhat inspired by mlr/rove, @kasperskov’s grainfields and loomer cumulus. currently it only loads samples from disk, but could be easily extended to granulate audio input on the fly and record audio as well.

for now it requires a grid and will work with a 64 grid with little modification, but pattern recorders will be unavailable.

for 64 grids, i was thinking to have the rightmost button in the top row to be used as a toggle switch between voice gates and pattern banks, but in the recorder row it also serves as an ‘alt’ switch to clear the banks. not sure how to resolve that yet, so it’s more a matter of grid ui design rather than coding.

and there’s gonna be an osc interface too.


yes please!

i’m hesitant to commit but i’d like to help with something like that
(mabye i’ll ask some questions about adding this feature in the dust thread)


that’s a pretty broad topic to cover in a thread that’s been derailed 100 times already :slight_smile: norns programming docs will follow soon, but i also find it best to study by just reading the code. and of course feel free to open PRs for any improvements you come up with.



yeah i’ll broach this in the dust thread


Was checking out Laurie Spiegel’s website just now, and came across a screenshot of her software Music Mouse:


So Norns-like! I’ve never tried it, but it seems like a fun thing to port over, given the params. With Spiegel’s blessing, of course :slight_smile:


there’s a fantastic webapp emulation of music mouse!


The source code is now up and public. See the top of the maiden thread for details Norns: maiden


yes plese!!! laurie spiegel is almost 100% the reason i started bulding a modular. i found the music i heard with ansible to be very “spiegel-esqe” so built my system around that. to have music mouse inside norns would be incredible.


Amazing! I’m in a similar boat - Ansible/TT/Just Type gets me into Spiegel territory, which is just the best.

No way I’d be able to port anything to Norns atm with my limited skill-set, but perhaps I’d be down to collaborate on the Lua side of things at some point if I can commit to the language. Which begs the question - I wonder if some folks would be interested in making engines for Norns in a more collaborative way? Could be a cool way to pair more experienced programmers with those - like me - who know little but are excited to learn.


Good idea. I’d be up for some collabs at some point. I have no coding experience but even 2 non coders working together could be more fun at least than figuring all this stuff out solo. Also I keep reminding myself that having a clear idea of what to do is, in many ways, more important than knowing how to do it (initially at least). This is even more true with such a supportive community like this helping people like me to learn.


There are quite a few online code editors that will allow realtime collaborative code editing (with a chat sidebar). Might be a great way to enable this kind of pair programming (which has proven to be an excellent way to improve developer efficiency and code quality in recent years).

I haven’t actually tried this yet, so I don’t have a favorite, but there are many different options.


That’s an awesome idea - thanks for sharing!


Ok, idk if this has already been answered, but is there any plan of releasing the new MLR version (or any other Norns app) has a standalone app (Mac, PC, etc) for us fellow musicians who didn’t cop a beautiful Norns?


I’d be super interested some pair programming projects. I’ve done a bit of remote pairing just through tmux and having an audio chat running in a browser which was a super fun way to interact with friends from afar.


the tmux approach is super good if both people are familiar with the editor at hand (and you’re fine with a terminal based editor ala vim/emacs). Another alternative is which offers plugins for various popular editors and syncs them (surprisingly well, most of the time) and (formerly screenhero) slack’s screen sharing functionality (allows for control and has audio obviously). Floobits has a free plan, slack requires a paid plan however :frowning:

edit: if you take the tmux approach, is quite nice as it adds remote-pairing minded features/niceties for “free”.


This is mega fun unless you’re an emacs user


Lovely box showed up this afternoon.

Super intrigued by EMB > LOOPS but it seems to just be blank screens?

EMB scripts not up on Github either?


sorry, it was mistakenly added. unfinished and removed from the repo. (plug in audio input to hear it)


@Jojo i will definitely be adding more scripts and engines soon. just have sadly not had a lot of opportunity to actually develop musical applications of norns for myself. some test scripts snuck into the release image but they are a) not very good examples and b) kind of broken by late additions and changes.

at the moment it’s genuinely difficult for me to use the norns without being sucked into working on common backend features / fixes.

(don’t expect anything i add for my use to be screen-heavy or really “app-like” though, never gonna be my style.)