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Norns: Development

past. present. future. norns is many tomorrows.

I was listening to Tomorrow's Modern Boxes while I read this. I could help finding a theme here. I can see norns aiding in creating similar sounds from the album actually. Giving me many ideas… if my norns ever gets out of San Diego’s distribution center. Haha


i just made this with norns. sampled a harp, nagaswaram, guitar and drums in mlr. then looped a bassline and some arps with earthsea.


been chattin lots with @kin.sventa, @kcikdrumk , and @murray about all this norns jazz, and got inspired tonight and made some more norns business… here’s three norns pieces all together using awake, then glut, then flin.
for the beat-style thing, i used glut with a tape recording from mlr actually using contact mics thru echophon, erbeverb, and mannequins sisters…


I did not know Glut was partly inspired by this, it’s one my main uses of monome. I’m going to have to sell more stuff to get in on batch three. Fantastic watching you all explore this.

@jlmitch5 I love that music mouse webapp!


for those watching from the sidelines
here’s a norns mlr demo


i liked it so much more than my dog did. :slight_smile:



i don’t always work in that range but this was mostly mixer feedback


this is great!!!
and 20 characters


Should I wait up tonight for the Norns firmware update? Thx!


updating getting wrapped today.

(delayed slightly because (of course) we keep adding more fixes and features)


Just recorded my first full, live take in MLR for the first time after a few days of experimenting (still a ton to learn, though!):

Live recorded some table drumming and whistling along with some droning from the modular (Plaits and w/, mostly). Early in the track, I fade in (and sample) an additional set of modular sounds I had recorded to cassette tape earlier.


With my mother’s passing, she secretly (probably unintentionally) left my brother, sister, and I a substantial amount of money. Priority is paying off my debt. If there’s anything leftover, the priority then becomes to finally buy an Arc and give the Norns a whirl too :slight_smile:


I am very sorry for your loss.


some first norns experiments:


@markeats holy smokes that sounds great!!!


It’s Monday morning here in Australia, and DHL just made my day - won’t be able to set things up properly until this evening, but for now, I have a very nice pair of desk ornaments. More to follow.


How was it getting through Australian customs?


I… may have… utilised a workaround…


Mine seems to have cleared customs no problem via usps/auspost. Waiting for the final leg of the delivery now.