Approaching: norns



Wednesday though am i right? That’s when the full experience begins (At least for me)!


A video this time.

Just a little MLR study from this afternoon, recording some stuff live with a stereo mic and mucking about with a cheap Motorola cassette deck in the second half.


No Nornovirii found!


I’m expecting my Norns to show up within a day or two as it just passed customs.

One question: will Norns provide power to my Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohm? Don’t know that much about these things, but I’ve been told they require power through a sound card e.g. and should not be used with mobile devices.
In other words - is it safe to plug them into the headphone input of Norns?


yes its safe. concern is, will it be loud enough. i think it will.


Thanks! I’ll report back when it finally arrives.


People are getting Norns second hand? And im still waiting for mine to clear customs! Ridiculous :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


A little something using Kria (Kria OPs <3) + Just Type + Three Sisters into Norns MLR with a heavy dose of H9 Nebula algo. Everything is magic right now.


Sorry! I debated not posting about it as a means to not brag… but I was too excited. It’s WEDNESDAY.


I know this is incredibly nooby, but I’ve never used it before and holy crap mlr is SO FUN


Welcome to Norway Norns! Super excited to have finally picked up mine at the post office today. Barely got to play a couple of hours before work. Guitar straight into Norns - intiutively/randomly pushing buttons with MLR. This will be sooo fun when I get total control over it.


Haha it’s funny that you say that @madeofoak because today was the first time I tried it as well- I had so many WOW moments it’s not even funny.


I think there are a few of us experiencing MLR for the first time. Took me a good hour or so to grok it but it was really hard to put down after that point. I love putting overdub on a slow decay and transitioning between scenes.


Been over a week now since my shipping notification still no sign of it landing on my little rock yet, let alone customs :slight_smile: Stalking the threads, listening to people’s snippets and reading through all the doc’s is keeping me entertianed and helps to alleviate my lack of patience haha


I picked it up today, unfortunately encoder #3 wasn’t rotating properly. very wonky. I had to carefully push it (enc #3) down a little because it was slightly taller/sticking up more than the others. the packaging felt a little loose overall. I could have shaken it and used it as a maraccas (obv didn’t do that).

Everything seems to work however. I only had a quick look and now im waiting for it to fully charge before I continue.

Oh and the unit looks incredibly beautiful!


first steps with lua, the obligatory conway’s game of life implementation:


wonderful! how is the sequence being generated?


So cool! – I knew you would make some wicked stuff!!

Love all the sneak peaks and people learning, exciting times… :smiley:



it uses an array of predefined notes, and then selects a note to play based on the number of live cells (something like notes[(live_cells % 16) + 1] iirc). when the number of live cells doesn’t change between generations it will use a counter instead that gets incremented on each step and then reset to 1, transposed based on the last grid key pressed.

game of life is an interesting challenge for how to translate it into something musical, i was surprised at how well the above approach worked. i’ll post the script once i clean it up a bit, i want to add the ability to change rules and add some randomness (it can be very playable). also should try and map other aspects to synth engine parameters for more interesting results.


Anyone know if the inputs/outputs are balanced or unbalanced?