Approaching: norns



unbalanced, but compatible with balanced (match impedance on ring to gnd)


Wow that’s looks like loads of fun to play! Amazing work really


just made this. another norns jam. live sampling the modular and cutting up acoustic guitar with mlr


Outstanding! How are you syncing tempo with the modular to record into norns mlr?


thank you! i’m using pamela’s new workout and just hitting the start button on the downbeat to clock ansible / meadowphysics. obviously not the best solution but still fun. i just borrowed the pamelas module from a friend yesterday, having fun with it for sure.


Ah, that’s easy. Great results!


I’d like to place a vote for a more … shall we say … basic tutorial on MLR.



Cheeky under-the-desk tinkering in the office.

… handy how it looks so innocuous/off with a quick screen.clear()


screan.clear(), NOTED!


remember screen.update() after screen.clear() !


Love your videos. Can I ask what euro case that is?


Norns arrived today and is so wonderful. Thank you so much @tehn and everyone involved for making this. Just MLR alone is a dream come true. It‘s been at least seven or eight years since I used this beautiful app and it‘s as fantastic as I remembered it. My skills are a little rusty, but here is a quick noodle with some OP-1 recorded into it.


Are any people using their Arc with Norns and care to share examples? Are there applications that work with Arc yet?


there isn’t arc direct support for arc in the scripting layer yet. that’s because i don’t have one. it should be easy to add though


I tried to plug my arc in, and I am pretty sure norns just thought it was a grid with 0 columns and 0 rows. :slight_smile:

looking forward to arc support in the future.


thank you! the case is a koma 84hp. i just got in to modular and am enjoying learning on a small system.


another norns jam here. all live sampled modular. meadowphysics into mlr / norns.


Playing with building a Rings clone with sc and matron.


yeeeesssss!!! very dope!


So much talent on this corner of the internet. Y’all rock.