Approaching: norns



a few things to tidy up with that one but definitely will once it’s in a decent spot :slight_smile:


haha - nail on the head


Haven’t ever really posted music anywhere before, but thought I’d throw this here to give EarthSea some love.

Thanks to this great community for all the support.


:heart_eyes: right up my alley!
Immediately kicked into some oldfield meets goblin atmospheres and it inspires my visual creative wired mind.

I just have no idea what earthsea is doing exactly?


Will do. Need a couple of days to build a complimentary .lua script.


not sure if there’s any video, but i just played norns mlr onstage with bon iver at bonnaroo, and it was very, very fun.


Tips on how to use it in such a setting? Like … did you charge it up with loops ahead of time or Do It On The Fly?


on the fly - i had a send of his vocal and recorded into mlr live, set a few patterns and then sent the norns output through my modular. i was up for a few songs, but ‘woods’ was the one i used it on.


Very cool. Hope this was captured somehow.

Completely unrelated question, if you don‘t mind. I just yesterday watched a live gig of Bon Iver on televesion. It took place in Cork in 2017. Were you by any chance there, too?


would love to see this as a M4L device, so sick


we’ve posted almost no information about crow so you haven’t missed anything. no dates yet. but more information as soon as we have it!


Wow, would love to see this. 2 of my fav music people together!


norns mlr + modular


No direction when I sat down an hour ago, ended up drawing this:


Does norns have a colour screen?


Same here, we should know more sooner or later :slight_smile:

As I understood it might not be a usb host, and that would make sense since Ansible does it already (and both of them speak i2c).
As for Just Type…


no, the angle of that pic (and brightness of that element) makes it look blue


Yeah I thought so, ah well got all excited for nothing :joy:


Finally got the chance to really sit down with Norns today. Been so busy with work lately.

Super inspiring to see and hear so many great tunes and sounds from other Norns users these last weeks. It is such a beautiful little machine. This version of MLR is really worth it alone. More to come! Going to explore the studies soon : - )


Kayan is a discoverable melody generator for Norns.

The more you turn the encoder, the more melody is revealed. Press the button to generate and discover new repeating revealable melodies. The sound source is the KarplusRings engine I’ve been building over the past few days doing a pretty convincing piano.

@tehn @zebra I’ve made a pull request on the Dust repo with these units if you want to take a look.

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