Approaching: norns



I’m doing my bit to try to make it such a thing with this ongoing playlist-in-progress:


the only fact i really don’t like about norns is, I need another Grid :rofl:

@tehn: Any chance to get the Varibright Grid Kit back in the store?

Limited: grid kits, b-stock grids

Wow, beautiful work.


Experimenting with Norns Earthsea into the modular system:

Largely being processed by an admixture of Morphagene/Magneto/Three Sisters. Enjoying the polyphonic tones i’m getting out of this.


I saw Wagner’s Götterdämmerung last night in San Francisco, and got to tour backstage before the performance began. This is a photo of a detail of the Norns’ “mangrove-like roots” as rendered for the San Francisco production. I shot it from the edge of the stage, which we got to walk around pre-show. The set of black cables, ducts, and wires sprawls fully across the stage. This production is set in the America of the distant future, a highly digital realm (cybperpunk, in essence). The opera’s libretto is the same as the original, except the Norns’ “ropes” (the conduit for their storytelling) have been changed to “cables.”



Love this in 20 characters!


norns + microphone


20 chars of nice swells

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@tehn may I know the shipping date of batch 2 is still late June?

Thank you!


This is so much fun to play with! beautiful work




I might have missed it but where/how are people sharing Lua scripts? On the Github page somewhere?

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There is a norns scripting thread that has a couple of scripts


How would we go about adding them to Norns? Through maiden, or could you download it and add it to the USB and load it that way? (I’m rather new to this if you can’t tell)


I have been using the sync from USB method. Just make sure that you have synced to USB first. At that point it is as easy as putting the file in the scripts folder on the USB and syncing from USB. I have been making a folder in scripts/ for each different author, to stick with the current set up.



yeah gong is a bit rough around the edges (expect some changes - svf filter, optimizations) but it kinda works


Norns + voices

Mlr is magic!


so . . . anyone made a script that spreads one sample out across the grid/keyboard yet? :upside_down_face: