Approaching: norns



hey yall, i am going to log out of lines for probably about a week.

been tryin to answer a lot of questions here since norns release. this is something i can do in the cracks of my day job. but it still takes time, and want to actually put in some serious work on norns development instead. so i won’t be seeing mentions or replies for a bit.

that’s all


Ive done a video which shows how a push 2 could be used in conjunction with Norns.
see here , around 7:00 is the ‘native mode’ which might be interesting to Norns users.

(I won’t include inline, as its running on a PI, so perhaps is OT here, but I think the native mode is on-topic, as demonstrates how other hardware can be integrated with the Norns hardware - and I think might be missed on the norns on rpi topic)


20 characters of awesomeness!


Nice! Is it just the source material, or do I notice a lot less clicks at the beginning of each loop (like there are zero-crossings set ahead of time or high attack)?


given the clickiness, I’ve been careful to start and stop recording with silence (or near silence) on the input. this is pretty easy, as I’m playing piano into norns.

I’ve also done a few drone experiments with mlr and in those instances I just quickly or slowly raise the input volume from 0 after recording starts.


Quick q re. long-term availability. It takes me a super long time to save up for things, is norns expected to be available after the 3rd batch? I want one really bad but have a long way to go.


Inspired by the photo @heath posted above of norns sitting on the nord…there’s some fun open space on the faceplate for some sort of controller to perch, maybe some faders?


the idea is for them to be “in stock” once these initial sell-out batches are shipped


First longer form recorded thing with norns (though, disclaimer, a bit of a mess clipping-wise). I love glut, it is really fun for building samples on top of each other that are loosely connected rhythmically but not locked to a rigid grid. awake is also a pretty powerful sequencer even though it looks deceptively pretty basic–the samples used were a tape recording from that.

I wish I would have had those faders I had mocked up above–scrolling through the parameter list and updating volume settings for the various samples is not the most performance-friendly way of mixing sounds, hah.


I don’t imagine a Korg nanoKontrol is small enough for the space you mocked up, but maybe worth having one off of the surface.


I don’t think it is small enough for that, but I do think it would be really beneficial as the faderbank run gets prepared. Appreciate the suggestion!


The larger question of how to configure external control surfaces to modify patch parameters isn’t one I’ve seen discussed … but it would be transformational for the Norns.


i’m working on dynamic midi-cc assignment on the params page (!)


The first thing I thought of when I saw norns was ‘hmm, wonder if a similar sized side-car control surface could be made.’ Perhaps on that has an integrated clip, or a tilt (e.g. attaching on the long front edge of norns non-permanently so you can tilt the norns, have the control mini-surface in front, and have a thin cable hidden behind that plugs into usb. Was also thinking about hiding battery in there.

I’ll be ordering a norns in the next release and will look at this. Really a personal geometry thing (arc, norns, grid, plus ‘sidenorns’ which I suspect not everyone would want in the same place).


Is it time to start a norns tunes compilation thread?


I’m happy to use to host a norns compilation if that is helpful. Also happy to pitch in on cover art and/or mastering unless someone else is excited to do those things.

Selfishly, I hope the deadline is far enough out to include batch 2 folks.


Silly question: how would one get foot pedals (thinking at least 2) going with Norns? I have 2 foot pedals that came with my monome walk but those wouldn’t work right? (And even if they did then I’d have no audio input left)



Seemed pretty selfless to me.


I always feel guilty when I pull out the softstep. It’s way too much technology for the silly on/off toggles I like to make use of. But, maybe with Norns, I can finally unleash its full potential.

(probably not; this is overkill)