Approaching: norns



HID is good fit for DIY footswitch interface via teensy

we haven’t talked about norns HID support much but its kinda ludicrously overpowered


…I keep forgetting about HID, time to dig the old griffin powermate out of my miscellaneous electronics bin.


Really interesting!!


FYI second batch people. first shipments began today and we’ll have the rest out by the end of next week.


Just got the confirmation of 2nd batch shipment! Now what remains is dealing with UK customs. Still quite exciting to see it dispatched.


“Lordy I hope there are…” shipping confirmations. :grin:

updated: confirmed. ya!


Just got the shipment notification as well! #2403 on the way woohoo


My order is #2356 and no shipment confirmation yet. Do I need to be worried?


Mine is #2389 and no shipment notification yet too.

20 characters of can’t wait!


pre-shipped the grid+norns orders. 20 more about to ship…


session with norns / modular synthesizer. live sampled vinyl and synth in to mlr. i aslo put up the longer 7 minute long version using the new instagram tv feature.


Order #2338 has shipped :raised_hands:


Shipment just notification arrived, thank you! – extremely excited – now I just hope nothing happens in transit and that no time is lost in German customs procedure…


order from monome has been shipped (#2349) :blush: on it’s way to Portugal, very excited!


I put up a bunch of Norns videos on my Instagram - here’s one. I won’t spam you with the other 8!, but they are there anyway :slight_smile:


norns has arrived safely, and is happily churning out euclidean rhythms in the background.

Running the update in a moment, then it’s time to start learning things.

Scratch that; I guess I’m already up to date.

There is one script (EMB/LOOPS) which I should track down and replace, as it seems to be an empty shell that doesn’t do anything. Let’s call that part of “learning things”, though…


I think you play audio into it and it does stuff

That EMB folder intreagues me as its not in the official dust folder but has some interesting stuff, especially this one, which I believe is work in progress


Post office tried to deliver today, but we’re doing work on our bridge, so I got a card in the mailbox instead. So, I’m planning to bring a grid and some headphones along with me to work on Monday, with a stop at the post office on the way in…


That wouldn’t surprise me. But, his other scripts have instructions, and some kind of interface.


If you look at the code in maiden it’s a 4 voice rec/looper