Approaching: norns



Norns plays kalimba.


Sounds great! Which patch is this?


It’s a script I’ve been working on. It’s a playfair mod with 8 tracks and trigger probability, not to mention lots of controls for various things. once it’s finished I will post it again. :slight_smile:


if there’s any way that this (or any looper based on softcut) could eventually make it’s way into the Norns studies as an example project, that would be amazing


Lovely! Thanks for sharing that…


Sounds amazing!
Can it output midi?
Id love to use it with my shuttle control and sequence my system!


Not at the moment, but hopefully after the “midi” study lol
A blurry look at the current ui stuffs.


Yeah can’t wait to work out the midi ins and outs. Been hacking around to see what’s buried in there!


i’ve been hacking around on this today

Here’s a gist of what I was playing with:

You can just copy that, create a new lua script, paste it in and connect a midi controller. As the script is there, send some cc’s and the values will print.


This is really helpful, thanks!


Going away for three weeks very soon, so I figured I had to do one last session with Norns/MLR. This time I tried hooking up a little chain of effect pedals and just a SM57 to capture the old zither I’ve been borrowing from a friend for some time. Infinite Jets and Norns is quite a nice little combo. Some harsh sounds, but oh well.


Really Lovely stuff.


@Plym - Beautiful!

Here’s a Playfair sketch from earlier this afternoon:

The same sample is loaded across tracks 1-4, just with different start/end points and filter settings. Actually, the more I use Playfair (which I love), the more I want an alternate way to modify the start/end points of samples on the fly :slight_smile:


Autechre vibes in a very good way :smile:
Definitely going to try this method today, thanks for sharing


Wow, yeah! That’s really nice. Lots of potential in Playfair!



i love this performance


Heres a mlr improv from today


Expecting delivery today!:star_struck:


@glia @Plym - thanks!

I really do like Playfair in this kind of performance setting, and last night I was imagining multi-page
grid control (kinda like MLR) over things like loop start/end, filter parameters, delay, etc. Maybe one day my Lua skills will be amenable to developing something like that.


the way i’d like to use it, multipage would smother the vibe

i want quicker access to control for each track so my first mod ideas were centered around arc but i’m leaning more toward a gamepad than any monome

still sketching before i attempt the hack