Approaching: norns



This sounds great - looking forward to tracking your progress whenever you dive in!


you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised how easy it is… i do suggest checking out the studies.

also i’m likewise super excited to do these same things you’re discussing with playfair. i just need to finish the cc-mapping for the parameters menu and then we’ll have liftoff. of course, there are tons of things i’d like to add/fix in the code, so patience…


Just got my Norms :slight_smile: I started it, went to try and setup network and it froze (initializing wifi)
how do I reset it?
also if I want to send CC messages to norms with midi (using a normal midi cable)
what converter are you using for midi din to usb midi?
thanks for all the help


i’d suggest using hotspot for editing. we’re fixing bugs in the wifi network operation

on crash, hard reset is the tiny button on the bottom.

various midi-to-usb cables exist… google midi to usb cable for tons of options. they should mostly work unless it’s a super old one that needs a driver. that said, currently there aren’t any scripts that use CC in, so you’d have to start editing one.

be sure to check out the docs also…


Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: , also are the outputs stereo or mono out?
are inputs the same?
are the inputs and outputs balanced?
So if I want to use headphones


The outputs are mono out, as are the inputs. Use the headphone jack for your headphones, as it is sweet, sweet stereo. A quick use of the search function will answer your last question.


I posted a gist of some lua functions for getting midi CC values above:


Nice! thanks need to get a midi to midi USB adapter, I have a addac 221 that allows you to send cc from cv


Sooooooo glad I didn’t sell my gs64 for cheap a little while back. Just plugged it in to norns on the off chance that something might work and earthsea is perfect. Such nice sizes to use together and how I missed that white mono bright, such a nostalgic device for me. Good times. Now back to the head hurting norns studies to see how to get something else out of this combo.


@kcikdrumk asked to hear this eightfair beat



I can’t sleep so I go on my favorite forum and find this subterranean shuffle. Thank you. It’s amazing in its entirely, @glia. I hope you deem it worthy of official release.

@Justmat’s modded playfair seems to expand Norns’ creative capabilities in exciting directions. In my head I’ve dubbed it Playfoul.


Swweeeeeeeeeeeeetttt - is that 20?


Somewhat OT, Not sure which thread to put this on! I just finished seeing Wagner’s Ring of the Niebelung cycle. The last of the four, Götterdämmerung, opens with the Norns (or three of them) recapping the events of previous operas and lamenting their fading ability to connect to the threads of fate that they weave as the old order of gods fades and passes away.

This production was fairly modern. The Norns’ weaving of fate was interpreted as kind of mad scientist IT technicians who connect cables to create the network of the world.

I thought it was apt and worth sharing :slight_smile:


I just got home from the W Coast and this little guy was waiting for me. Tired and needing sleep I still spent 1/2 hour with it on headphones. This morning I read the first study. I wasn’t sure norns was for me when I pre-ordered but now I’m in. Looking forward to joining the community and the conversation.


Does nub means Wi-Fi adaptor? If so is it comes with the norns as described previously?


Yes, it is the USB wifi dongle, and yes it’s included.


Thanks Duncan!

My norns is arrive today, sadly my box didn’t include that dongle/ nub, only got a usb cable and a power supply along with it.

Will contact monome for this matter, in the meant time I have to find one to do the task, any recommendations? Thanks!


hey vinc, sending you one today. if you have another USB wifi adapter that may work in the meantime.


Speaking of the wifi nub. Mine only seems to work in certain USB ports. I tried it in the one closest to the power jack and it wasn’t recognized… moved it to the port closest to the audio jacks and it worked perfectly. Not a big deal, just unexpected.