Approaching: norns



Take a look at $GIT_DIR/info/exclude. This is what I use in dust to ignore /scripts/<me>. I haven’t yet worked with audio so I’m not sure whether or not files stored there are nested in a way that is convenient for a bulk exclusion, but you could always exclude single files.

For in-progress engines I admit I’ve just been leaving them there & not ignoring them, I guess I’m more used to dirty git status output :woman_shrugging:

Edit: Also I wonder if these should be moved to the norns: development or norms: dust thread(s).


Oooh Cs-01! I had one when i was a kid and gave it to a friends band in the end before I knew synths :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


w/ bit of drums


Wow, this is very lovely! Matches the setting. :heart:


I’ve been reading this thread sporadically and am keen to try out a Norns, but have no Grid, is it pointless to get a Norns with out a Grid?


I don’t have a grid and still get a lot of use out of norns. two things:

  • a grid is definitely my next music gear purchase. prior to this it was never on my “need to have” radar as (a) I don’t need that kind of controller for my modest eurorack and (b) I don’t use a computer w/ music… until norns. now I can totally see how it would fit my (new) flow.
  • the ecosystem will continue to grow, new midi scripts will be added (or add your own), etc. I expected some limitations (mlr, flin, glut, etc need a grid) so I’m not disappointed or anything (see first point)


it really depends on what attracts you to this…is it a video that includes a grid?

more importantly have you tried supercollider and lua before? are you planning to write your own scripts?


Well, almost all videos of it attract me to it. Of which, 75% of those include a grid. That is why I ask, that and I was told by someone today that without a grids it’s almost pointless.

I’ve been very intrigued with Teletype the other Monome euro stuff. This looks to me like an alternative that won’t control my euro but will behave in similar ways, and more. Portability and compactness is also very appealing.

Zero Lua/Supercollider experience but I’m willing to try it. I have gotten the impression that Norns would be more user-friendly than a teletype, at least out of the box.

I am certainty willing to get a Grid, but could a person make due and love Norns without first?


I am certainty willing to get a Grid, but could a person make due and love Norns without first?

First 3 norns studies are non-grid. Some of the current scripts in dust require grid (MLR, Glut), some have enhancements with a grid (Earthsea looper features use grid, but you can plug in any midi controller).

I didn’t have a grid and wanted to get both at the same time because of the kinds of concerns you are asking about. I think it wasn’t as important to have both as I initially thought it would be (though it is still very useful and very fun!)


How do other midi controllers hook up? USB only?


yes–you’d need some sort of usb -> midi adapter if your controller just has 5 pin din.

same kinds of stuff applies I think to this post and the next few in that thread.


certainly yes in my opinion

Norns: help

FWIW I am very excited about norns as a stand-alone device, and look forward to writing some interesting tools that can be used without any accessories.


Beautiful! Cheers from Bremen :wink:


depends on your style and preference
all the apps i use most (playfair, glitchlooper, cranes, plus all the playfair mods) are samplers that don’t require a grid

i also use mlr from time to time but, surprisingly, find myself drawn to the others when i have time to play


Glitchlooper? Cranes?! What have I missed?!? :slight_smile:


wrapping up testing with great gratitude to a few folks spending time with it. will be pushed to a gist soon!


wonderful apps by @carltesta and @Dan_Derks


for the curious

it’s a barebones 5 buffer glitching looper but I love it to death


Just got my norns today. But no time to play today. This looper sounds fun. Very nice tracks here. Oval-ish Sounds. :heart: