Approaching: norns



Nice! I clicked that just to listen to a snippet, but I ended up listening to the whole EP.

It’s exciting that norns is already at a point where you can make standalone pieces like these. It’s also exciting that I get to sit down, read the engine code, and learn more SuperCollider simultaneously.

Looking forward to the public releases, @Dan_Derks and @carltesta!


nice work :slight_smile:


I was thinking about my experience remixing Glut and Spacetime for the latest Dust release, and that gave me an idea.

For a future LCRP or similar, it would be cool to pass around a minimal Lua script. There would be a separate thread specifically with help for implementing code ideas specific to this project. Each person then submits their own remix of the script, all of which would show up in one folder on Dust.

I suppose if there’s too much worry about unstable/unrefined/unfinished scripts clogging up Dust, we could spin it off into a separate repo.

Norns: Compilation

I love this idea! Next remix edition of LCRP wouldn’t be until March if we follow the schedule. But there’s the norns compilation that I admit I’ve kind of stalled on organizing. But now I know why, it was so that this idea could bubble up! Let’s do it!

I like the idea of submitting scripts to dust after the compilation is complete. gist or a new repo would be a great way to organize WIP.

I can create new repos in the monome-community org. What would we call it?

Norns: Compilation

hi all

rather new to the world of monome / lines. lines has been equal parts imposing and informative, especially with the tech lingo that often eludes me. that said, i plan to pick up norns when it goes on sale again, but was hoping somebody could provide insight into possible teletype implementation and, more to the point, the role of norns in the modular environment.

i have been using a grid with ansible for a couple months and teletype for just a few days. :no_mouth: trying to keep sane as i run through the teletype documentation.

getting on well though, as i do enjoy scripting and am proficient in max (i especially use jitter to construct live visuals). would kindly welcome any input on using norns with a modular rig.

thanks in advance!




^^^^ this is also of interest to me!


At the moment there is no direct connection between Norns and modular (or anything voltage controlled).

There is a module in development called Crow that will offer this, but there is no real info about it yet or a timeline.

Right now Norns speaks midi, so you could use a midi>cv module to integrate the two… but that’s about it.


i thought so, thanks for confirming. will make do with midi.

are you referring to the rumoured mannequins module?


yes, a collaboration, it’s alluded to earlier in this thread


i love easygrain btw

more norns sessions here for everyone to stream

for the nerds…mbap is my first effort with glut recorded on norns, mith and mily are easygrain sessions with mlr-made samples thru an amp and lom mic into minidisc


also loving easygrains

this is a 100% norns improv thing I did tonight. sounds via kayan, run through hello ack (setting sample start after sample end and then manually dialing that around to create variation) and then into easygrains.


Just received mine late yesterday. First little thing I made in the first hour or so with awake and clouds


Nice. What are you controlling it with?


thank you, I had a grid plugged in to norns and then an lfo from batumi into clouds


I’m thinking about picking a non-phantom power microphone to use with Norns so I can plug straight in without a preamp and sample acoustic instruments & such. SM57 the go? or something else I should consider.


Even if you buy a microphone that does not require phantom power (i.e. a dynamic microphone like the SM57), you will still need a decent pre-amplifier to bring the comparatively weak microphone-level up to the comparatively strong line-level norns’s audio inputs expect.


I’ve experimented a little with a SM57, and just like @wolfgangschaltung says you will have to use something between the microphone and Norns to get a decent level. I did a video (posted somewhere above) where I had some pedals in the chain (VT bass, Infinite Jets +). That amplified the signal enough, but introduced quite a lot of noise aswell.

If anyone have tips on a affordable/cheap preamp - shout it!


As soon as I’ll have a Norns (not too far away) I’ll try with my zoom h2n and blue yeti mics if they work directly via usb (they should be class-compliant, so they could somewhat work).


Or just take any handheld fieldrecorder with built-in stereo mics and monitoring facility, and plug its phones or lines output into norns.


It won‘t work out of the box though, you‘ll have to do the driver plumbing yourself.