Approaching: norns



Learning python here, but I just ordered that book This one looked interesting too.: image


Yes, exactly, that was the other option with the h2n (thanks @sakul, hadn’t thought of that).



Thanks for the tips! I’ve been considering using the monitor out on my field recorder like you mentioned but was dubious of the quality. I’ll give it a go :smiley:


That’s the first thing I used as an input for Norns. Works brilliantly! Today I went out into the forest and used my h5 into Norns. Birds and flutes sampled straight into mlr. Magical :evergreen_tree::sparkles:


I’m looking to get my MIDI game on with Norns, so I’m wondering if any of you have suggestions for a sub-$100 controller that would do the trick. Would something like the Korg nanoKontrol2 work alright?

I tried using a cheap M-Audio MIDI keyboard to set up CC mapping, but I was probably a little naive in thinking it would work.


I plugged my Akai MPK-Mini into it last night, assigned MIDI CC control to the nobs with the “learn” function in about 2 minutes and was up and running. I think you can get those for $99, and it has a keyboard as well, so you can play and twiddle nobs.


ive done this a few times for live sampling. it’s worked great. also love when i can find a new use for gear i already own.


@Olivier I’m actually selling an MPK mini for $80! Let me know :wink:


I’ve been using my handy old Boss GE-7 EQ pedal as a mic preamp for one of my mics that has a 1/4" output. it has enough gain plus a 7 band +/- 15db cut/boost EQ and runs off a 9v battery.


20 characters of wow how have i never thought of this



Beautiful work monome team!


Fun with norns (Foulplay) and casio sk-1. Earthsea as an overdub