Approaching: norns



Learning python here, but I just ordered that book This one looked interesting too.: image


Yes, exactly, that was the other option with the h2n (thanks @sakul, hadn’t thought of that).



Thanks for the tips! I’ve been considering using the monitor out on my field recorder like you mentioned but was dubious of the quality. I’ll give it a go :smiley:


That’s the first thing I used as an input for Norns. Works brilliantly! Today I went out into the forest and used my h5 into Norns. Birds and flutes sampled straight into mlr. Magical :evergreen_tree::sparkles:


I’m looking to get my MIDI game on with Norns, so I’m wondering if any of you have suggestions for a sub-$100 controller that would do the trick. Would something like the Korg nanoKontrol2 work alright?

I tried using a cheap M-Audio MIDI keyboard to set up CC mapping, but I was probably a little naive in thinking it would work.


I plugged my Akai MPK-Mini into it last night, assigned MIDI CC control to the nobs with the “learn” function in about 2 minutes and was up and running. I think you can get those for $99, and it has a keyboard as well, so you can play and twiddle nobs.


ive done this a few times for live sampling. it’s worked great. also love when i can find a new use for gear i already own.


@Olivier I’m actually selling an MPK mini for $80! Let me know :wink:


I’ve been using my handy old Boss GE-7 EQ pedal as a mic preamp for one of my mics that has a 1/4" output. it has enough gain plus a 7 band +/- 15db cut/boost EQ and runs off a 9v battery.


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Beautiful work monome team!


Fun with norns (Foulplay) and casio sk-1. Earthsea as an overdub


ZOOM H4 or H5 for the win. MLR is pure joy with this thing. 2 xlr/quarter inch inputs and a stereo mic for all the bells and whistles (literally).


I’ve been playing with Norns for a few weeks now and it’s so inspiring and fun!

Here’s a quick track with Norns/grid, H4, a few mics, a bass and electric guitar. The drums and guitar were MLR’d (if you will).


Had norns for a week now, every day something new happens, here clouds was able to create some really interesting textures with Kayan




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Just an idea from a not-yet Nornsman: I’ve been pretty mesmerized by Buchla 296e videos lately and was wondering if a similar fixed filterbank would be achievable with Norns and a Grid? If so, Earthsea-esque pattern memory seems like it would be a fun inclusion.


you could easily build that in Norns - supercollider doing the DSP and lua doing the sequencing

In fact if you want Earthsea kind of front end the trick would be to make the supercollider engine and fork earthsea plugging in the new engine

(& sorry - not volunteering - I’m way over extended right now :frowning: )

EDIT: just watched some videos about 296e and had a play with Norns earthsea - so yes definitely you could make something very interesting. Norns earthsea is pretty basic compared to the Ansible one - probably because there isn’t a good map between Norns parameters and CV out. so there would be a bit of work to do - however you could so something really cool with the grid, sequencing and a supercollider filterbank…