Approaching: norns



Totally. The supercollider engine shouldn’t even be very complicated. I suspect you need to spend a bit of time finetuning the parameters, but the general idea - an array of bandpass filters with fixed frequency and controlled amplitude - should be very easy to make.

I haven’t played with Earthsea-like parameter automation in lua, so I don’t know how easy/hard that is to realize.


norns arrived today! thanks for this wonderful little box monome team and all people involved! :pray:
already enjoying awake :ok_hand:

anyone in Portugal with a norns? :thinking:


Love the drawing, love the concept, love having it on my desk right now! This is an amazing device, great job to everyone involved!


Glut, Easygrain and MLR kept me very happy in the last few days. Here is another glut track…


lovely, can’t wait for norns to get back in stock and join in, have the funds quietly waiting on my paypal.


new Norns patch - I’ve added grid support to the, excellent, foulplay patch already in dust. see the video below for a quick demo

Note that this is going into the original foulplay patch now! ( was PR: - which is now closed )

as you see in the demo I’ve got a rPi/push2 setup - so I’ve not tested on official hardware - that said I think it should work fine. all the functionality is in the first 8 columns of the grid

It must be said - this was so easy to work with - love the whole Lua scripting thing. I’ll do something more ambitious next with a supercollider engine but must stop skiving and get back to paid work…


Awesome work! Will the active “hits” be represented on the grid too?


No, the core functionality is still on norns, which I like :slight_smile: . It’s more like foulplay extended by grid, in that you gain access to several ui shortcuts as well as pattern store/ recall and per-track mutes. I’ll post some more info and a link to the docs after the PR is merged.

here is a video.

@junklight did wonderful work!

EDIT: Here are the docs, with all of the newness :slight_smile:


I am soooo going to have to upgrade to proper Norns & grid when they are available again.

Loving this platform

This patch Foulplay (especially with grid support even though I do say so myself :wink: ) rivals my digtakt as a “go to” for rhythm making


Just got this running and I have to say nice work on this. The grid integration is amazing. I just have one possible feature request which I’ve wondered about since the first time I used playfair. Would it be possible to shift notes around? For example if I just wanted one snare on track two to trigger but not didn’t want it to play on the first note.


Got my Norns yesterday. Overwhelmed and excited. Got my midi controller going tonight and Earthsea is so great. Already plotting to get a Grid. Really curious where Crow will take things…


I agree, rotation would be a wonderful addition. :slight_smile:

edit: @Prnts, just so you know, foulplay rotation is now a thing. I just need to clean it up a bit and adjust some ui stuff. Thanks to @okyeron for giving me a headstart :smiley:


is there a way to do melodically changing things to a track in foulplay? I had a lot of fun playing around with the patch the other day and would love to use it to sequence the rhythms for melodies.


I am not exactly sure what you mean by this. Right now, you can set different rules/ trigger conditions for when to play a sample, but not… how to play the sample. Those types of things have to be adjusted in either the parameters menu, or the track edit view in FP.


I saw on instagram! Im @feend over there. Very nice work and big thanks


So, you can change the pitch of a sample by changing the speed of the sample playback. I was wondering if there was currently some way of per-step speed values or something else that could achieve that that I was missing.


Ah, no, not as of yet anyway.


Now i’m really starting to feel the need of a MIDI oriented study ^^


holy shit, your bouncing numbers tho! this is very exciting, great work! :heart_eyes:


I want bouncing numbers! Awesome and inspiring :slight_smile: