Approaching: norns



very excited about a script idea I just came up with. need to brainstorm how to make it more musically useful but if I can pull it off it’ll at least be F-U-N


Abject Newb question:

I have a Push 2 but no Norns, Grid or any other Monome stuff. (Really getting interested in figuring out how to start with Monome universe, of course)

Anyway, does this require a Norns to run, or can the Norns software run on MacOS with Push pretending to be a Grid?

Where is the best place to get info on how to get started in this stuff? I have a Eurorack rig with most of the Mannequins lineup (no W/ yet)…


I’m using @TheTechnobear’s fork of Norns here running on an rPi

I understand that people have it running in VMware (& I assume therefore it should also run on virtual box which is free)

Given it seems to have specific versions of things i’d Stick with virtualisation rather than try to get it running natively o. The Mac


canyon loops // ambient improvisation

this is the first thing i’ve made with norns. mlr and grid. two rhodes improvisations spread across three tracks with varying play speeds and directions, accompanied by a field recording of an anna’s hummingbird chirping happily to itself in dense canyon foliage, on a warm summer day.

i’ve used mlr, mlrv, rove, and all their software variants since 2011. norns is the realization of a longtime dream: immediacy in music-making. not having to juggle complex operating systems and software stacks, instead focusing on hardware that’s as fast and approachable as sitting down at my piano. norns is wonderful, so full of possibilities.


Absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing


I don’t know if anyone asked this before, but is there a possibility of a norns DIY kit?
I know that there are some people glued together some kind of DIY, but what I mean is kind of hardware minus the case.


That is simply wonderful Joshua. Can’t wait for Norns to be available again :slight_smile:


channel changer (beta) is a grainy 80s tv built on the glut engine. it broadcasts random sounds from your own tape, bathing once recognizable clips in layers of late-night static and broken-antenna frequencies. if you hear something you like, dub it on vhs (presets) because you probably won’t find that channel again. or record it to tape and watch for it on another channel…

feel free to send along bugs, suggestions, etc. I wish I had recorded the channel I just had w/ Werewolves of London…

EDIT: right off the bat I see there’s no need for the randomnumber function (it started off way more complex)


this idea is so killer

i love you for thinking it into existence


thanks! originally I was going to have like 8-10 set channels with different (set) noise on each one, I think this is much more fun and useful though.

updated gist with a few more features while the baby was asleep. for now, go easy turning the encoders (reverb controls).


You should submit this to monome/dust!


Here’s something you and I made last night with Channel Changer. (It feels like a collab.)

I apologize if I’m not posting Instagram vids proper. I’m doing this all through a circuit-bent alarm clock.


spent the night in front of the tv and made this channel changer demo. all sounds from norns, no adjusting of params (all random), all based on 2 short samples. I went through 180+ channels to get this so that bodes well for QA testing. I’m actually leaning towards removing the reverb knob functionality…

so much fun to dub over old channels. I was worried about going to tape every time KEY 3 is pressed (instead of throwing into a table at the start) but that doesn’t seem to be an issue + it allows new tape recordings to go directly into the pool. I’ll send a request to norns/dust as soon as I can.


Im not sure that this is normal behavior maybe someone can tell me but when running channel changer after the first few seconds on a channel it pans all audio to the right channel. Is this normal or a bug?


hm, does it do this on every channel? occasionally the params are such that audio will cut out (Ive thought about figuring this out more precisely and writing protections against it, but I also like it as-is in running with the older tv theme)


It doesn’t seem to be on every channel. I only ran it for around 5 minutes last night. It did it on the majority of channels though. At first I thought maybe it was an envelope setting that might be sitting inside of the parameters page. Love the concept of this though. Very nice work.

Will run it some more today to give you a more accurate description of what seemed to be happening


pull request sent. if you want to use it in the meantime, I made a few more updates to the gist - cooler screen (though I still want to take this further), knobs adjust volume, speed & pitch now

did I mention that our baby spilled water on the computer last week, killing the “p”, “7”, “;” and quote keys? that made this even more fun…


This is why it’s a bad idea to let babies code. They’re good value for money but wow, so sloppy.



Playing with awake on my verandah.


Drums using foulplay.