Approaching: norns



Playing both of those simultaneously :star_struck:


@enneff they sound surprisingly good together!


rebound is a kinetic sequencer


Please to add an easter egg of the Asteroids spacechip randomly flying thru the screen. :laughing:


Here’s the source code for rebound if anyone would like to try it out.


fun with playfair


Just came here to say @jah’s hello gong script is :clap:


I have a grid interface in my head for rebound, but am nowhere close to being able to code it yet.

I’ll do a quick brain dump, though, while I can still see it.

I’d want to keep the display as you have it, but for each ball, use the grid to establish starting position within that space (press and hold a button), direction (tap a second button before releasing the first – the ball is propelled at the angle between those) and speed/velocity (how much time passed between establishing placement and direction? Take the relative distance between your two buttons, and divide it by this span of time…)

From there, the initial grid coordinates become a reference to that particular ball, so you can quickly select it, adjust its trajectory, mute or delete it, etc.

(This does need a screen. I don’t think it makes sense to display your animation on the actual grid, as much as I’d want to.)

Hopefully, these thoughts prove more inspiring than confusing, but at this hour, that’s hard to judge.


I enhanced my Markov’s chains based sequencer. I thought about using the grid but i like the minimal controls more. Now i REALLY feel the need of the next study in order to add MIDI SYNC and MIDI OUT (caus my modular wants to sing too). I got to find something deeper than PolyPerc too.

By the way, I want to find a cool name for the script before submitting it to DUST. As i wrote, i thought about “Chains” and “Markov’s Playground” so If anyone has a better and funnier idea… :kissing:


Got a link to a gist to share yet?


Not an updated one… I will post it tommorow. The code may be a bit messy though so advices could help me a lot :wink:


“playfair” is actually named for the mathematician

do a wikipedia dive and you’ll certainly stumble upon an inspiring name after learning a huge number of things you may not have known!


My first thought was to name it Manacles, with M for Markov and manacles for another form of chains, but then my better instincts took over and I realized the best name for it is Bob.


Maybe shaney? :slight_smile:


That’s a fascinating article!

@M4R71N: This is fantastic! will it allow 2nd order?


Bernoulllllllli (20 chars)


All right, who’s gonna be the first to write a cayley script? coxeter? thurston?


I’m game! What do you imagine they do?


Well, no definite ideas, but based on their mathematics, maybe cayley could let the user create and transform melodies according to various principles (à la Laurie Spiegel?). coxeter, being one of the inspirations for some of Escher’s prints, would have to be rife with symmetry in some way. thurston… I dunno how to translate 3-manifold theory into music. Maybe a strange modal synthesis engine


i’ve been playing on rebound the last few days and its wonderful - instant Reich. Its the playability of each ball that makes it special for improvisation. I think bringing those individual pitches / speeds out to a midi cc would enhance it. I would love to be able to play this with cc sliders. Would love to see a knob recorder to create loopable melodies of the pitch. I think it would also work well with different engines - like Kayan/Rings emulator or even samples (with imported drum / piano 1 shots). Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: