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I got mlr working, but are there any apps that have preloaded synth sounds?

Also, how do you guys cut samples into WAV or AIF?

Once you have those samples, how do you “line them up” in mlr? Like matching tempos, octaves, etc.

What are some of the workflows you use when creating music?

I definitely recommend that recent Grainfields one. It comes with preloaded sounds and it works easily.

Hello I use Ableton to cut samples to 1/2/4/8/16/32 bars.
Do you use re;mix?

you can adjust loops to smaller inside of re;mix app.
so basically I make longer loops then adjust it to smaller size .

I line them up by bpm because mlr has 1 master tempo .
you can play original speed when you set speed to 1.

I mainly use it for shows but last time i used it for making different patterns with various samples(songs) with lower pitch or higher pitch and it came out good.

I would like to know how everyone use mlr too.:slight_smile:

I also use Ableton to cut my samples, but that can of course been done in any DAW.
If you want to sync your samples, make shure they’re the same length, or twice as long or short… Then when you set the tempo in mlr of individual tracks at “1” they will be in sync.
What I also do is drop some eq on my samples to make some headroom. Filter out what you don’t need.

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Apps that have preloaded synth sounds:
Meadowphysics/ teletype