April - J.Grant

Hi everyone!

Last week I released my first modular album, ‘April’! It’s a collection of songs intended to underscore the changes that occur within the month of April, both in terms of seasons but also within ourselves, which is often portrayed in literature through symbols of rejuvenation, water, rebirth, etc.

All of the songs were made using my eurorack and mostly consist of the Mannequins for voicings, Rene for sequencing, Clouds and Morphagene for sampling/looping, and Erbe-Verb for reverb. I re-amped some songs for added ambience and ran the whole mix through tape!

I’m really excited about this one and am happy to share with you all. It’s released via Berkeley Acid, a record label I work closely with as an engineer. They also have a lot of exciting music coming out this year so keep your eyes and ears out for them!