Arbhar has a raspberry pi

I just got an Arbhar and was surprised to see that it runs off a raspberry pi and that I couldn’t find any mention of it online.

I would assume that the Arbhar is actually very open-source friendly because of this and probably runs a pure data patch.

If anyone has any info on this it would be great if you can share it here, in the meantime, I’m gonna see if I can boot the firmware on an external pi to see what it’s running and if there’s any potential for alternate firmware or even some sort of ORAC port.


jason lim talks a bit abt the raspberry pi implementation & the (unlikely) prospect of porting to vcv in this article:

im pretty sure the original piano+ app was written in max. sebastian lexer’s website no longer seems to be up, but this pdf was available:
tho im not sure how much he talks abt the actual platform & app since tbh i havent read the entire thing quite yet.