Arc and Ansible update for 8/31

hello! a quick update from the busy busy monome factory.

arc ////////

we received the first arc boards from the circuit assembler and quickly made an alarming discovery: they put the LEDs on backwards. all of them. physics says that backwards LEDs don’t work. luckily we are not directly responsible for this error, which is quite an expensive error. the boards are back to the assembler and we’ve been told we’ll receive the first batch of fixed boards next week.

the good news is that we’ve been able to push forward on basically all of the other Arc assembly tasks, which means things should go quickly and smoothly once the boards do show up. the downside is that we’ll be receiving boards in batches spread over a couple of weeks. so we’ll be shipping in order of received pre-orders.

ansible ////////

we’re expecting delivery of the boards early next week, and we’re expecting that they’ll be correct (this hasn’t really ever been a problem in the past.)*

i’m still tuning the firmware for ansible. docs and a tutorial video are underway.

i know that many of you want to combine-ship the ansible and arc-- my plan was always to ship both at the same time. i’ll open up orders for the ansible once i confirm a ship date for both, so combined shipping can happen.

thank you for your patience and support in making the arc and ansible a reality-- there’s no way we could have done this without your pre-orders and confidence. we’re incredibly anxious to get these shipped out to you all and it feels terrible to be waiting so long.

ok final stretch!


*almost never. in 2014 a different assembly company put the LEDs on backwards for a batch of grids. hooray!

**top photo peek at our new custom packaging.


Unfortunate mistake on the LEDs, but its nice to hear things are moving along. Thanks for the update!

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