Arc and Ansible update

hello everyone-- so i’m back in upstate new york and working on the arc/ansible build. there were some PCB assembly hiccups while i was out of town, and despite me solving the issues right away, the boards are delayed by a few weeks. my expected ship date is now the second week of september-- which i’d already listed as the expected ship date for later orders-- so for some of you this isn’t a change. but for those that placed super-early pre-orders (that i appreciate more than you can imagine!) this is a delay, and i apologize. the only way for a company our size to ship on time is to not announce until we have the finished devices built-- and this just wasn’t possible this time around with the arc. i’m anxious to get these into your hands and will do so as quickly as possible.

on the positive side, i toured with the new arc prototype and it worked flawlessly over 16 shows-- even with a couple of take-aparts to share the internal mechanical glory with a few people.

the ansible is coming along very well.

and rapidly approaching is a new thing that i’m excited to share with you all. it involves linux. but first i have to ship what’s underway.

hello good to be back!



[quote=“tehn, post:1, topic:4094”]
a new thing that i’m excited to share with you all. it involves linux.[/quote]what a tease : )

glad you made it back safe . that tour looked epic


well i was supposed to control burning man from the new arc this year…so i guess we’ll have to call the whole thing off…:wink:

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Any chance of posting some pics of arcs being assembled? Really curious how it works inside, but I don’t particularly want to take mine apart when I get it :slight_smile:

I am in it mainly for the Ansible :slight_smile:
will the module be released sooner?


there’s an existing thread back when they were being prototyped with pics, some of which were in the newsletter a few months ago.

first PCB shot:

layered bits and pieces:

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Sorry to hear about the PCB probs. I’m excited to get hold of it, once its ready :grinning:
Everything you put out is very polished, so I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

What are the odds on getting some vids to tide us over in the mean time? Haha!

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Thanks, I somehow missed those.

Looks super solid, it will outlast most other gear for sure :slight_smile:

come back to sweden!


New thing! Linux! Perhaps you can get SuperCollider to run on that new thing? Hope


Oh my, that all looks & sounds amazing.
I’m very intrigued as to how the potentiometers will attach to the PCB if at all!?

Just put down the dough for a grid & a few modules, so this will have to wait quite a while.

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:thumbsup: for Linux. Been thinking about switching to it for my main desktop computer.

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Looking good, can’t wait! :+1:

Can not wait.
Looks like some super interesting sequencing/modulation ideas happening.

Whoa! Amazing. Cant wait to get my hands on those.

yeah!!! that looks awesome.

oh man :slight_smile: it’s so exciting !

Super excited! Really love the mappings too.

Looks like a small ic profile for the encoder. Magnetic encoders?