Arc, Ansible, Orca & Switch

Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the above combination? I’m finding that the Arc isn’t resetting back to a sensible display for Levels if I switch away to Orca and back again. Disconnecting Arc something helps, but not reliably. Orca seems to behave better in this regard in that disconnecting and reconnect Arc seems to always give a sensible display.

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You are plugging/unplugging the arc from/to the ansible/white whale modules, right? Do you have enough 5v power to power the white whale? Switch would not be used in this scenario right?

No, as per the subject I’m using switch to avoid the 5v load of the grid/arc on the power supply in the case.

Not sure ansible is designed to be used with the Switch module…

That would make no sense. The documentation for Ansible also specifically mentions using Switch to reduce the power load. What I suspect is more likely is that the disconnection/reconnect code for Ansible may have some issues. I’m assuming it’s relatively complex given the various modes, and devices that could be connected.

I have the same issues with Ansible, Switch, the other trilogy modules and the grid. When I switch between Ansible and Earthsea or Meadowphysics the grid get’s unresponsive while the module seems to be running.

It’s a bit cumbersome since I have to save every change I make to prevent loosing it by switch to another module.

I am not sure at the moment if this does only occur by switching or even when I change the cables from switch to the modules (as you have to with three modules and one switch)

Apart form what @GoneCaving mentions above I recall that the primary reason for the Switch (besides the 5V) was to simplify switching between the modular and the computer.

I’m wondering if the current arc incarnation was really designed with Switch usage in mind? I have no issues with my arc plugging directly into the ansible module. Swapping between it and the grid on the ansible does not produce the symptoms @GoneCaving described.

My suspicion is that it’s Ar/Ansible related; but I’ll bet its software. Switching the grid connection between Meadowphysics on Ansible and Orca on WW works just fine.

I don’t understand how you come to this suspicion - what you did describe is the very same behavior I experience with the grid. So to me it seems that it occurs occasionally when you switch the grid or arc back to ansible.

@tehn has reported it too in this thread: Ansible / Switch Bugs

I am sure we will hear about a fix soon.

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I came to that suspicion based on the fact that I can easily reproduce the problem with Arc, but haven’t had issues so far with the grid. It’s good to be aware that the could also be issues with grid.

And just now I’ve managed to crash Ansible switching the grid between Orca on WW, and MP on Ansible.

I can see how you come to this conclusion, but only when you exclude @carvingcode who did not experience any issue by now which makes it an irregular behavior and therefore suggests the connection to my similar grid experience.

I would think this is a software issue tue because the other bug I experience - the freeze when tapping the preset button - is related to switching between the modules too.

levels needs a refresh issued on reconnect. easy fix, will be in the next rev.

general reconnect issues, yes, i’m investigating these issues this week.

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Super. Is that an easy fix? How hard to find that in the code?