Arc Applications. A sorted list

Dear fellaz,

would you be so lovely to post links to any Arc applications?
Would be nice to have them all gathered now that there are more users on the horizon.
Here are the ones from the docs page.

max 7 package
arc mapper
electric dharma wheels

Nice idea - there already is a quite good list of all monome software appllications somewhere I think but having it specified for Arc would be cool.

Having it more specified for push/non-push would be even cooler. Maybe with some infomration about which max version would work with them. I had a try on some when I got my Arc4 and was a bit sobered since most of them did not work in my setup w/ max7 on ElCap.

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Yeah, that’s why I sold my Arc2 earlier. But now I’m getting a new one cause this device was not replaceable.
Maybe we could just add the info Arc2/4 pushbutton/nonbushbutton after the links.

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Try Cmd-F for “arc” on this page:

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What a great collection/page @jasonw22! Thanks.
But I was suggesting a dedicated Arc list to prevent having to use Cmd-F

Right. It is needed. Also need to filter the list down to “works” or not (which is a whole project I’ve had some trouble recruiting help with)

Just thought that page might help make the shorter lists you (and others) want.


So I’ll try again. Due to the fact that there should be a lot of new Arc users out there looking for Arc apps, I think it would be a nice idea to gather all the Arc applications in one post. Maybe it would even be possible, as @jasonw22 proposed, to sort the list.

i.e. Application name | Arc version [2/4; pushbutton/non-pushbutton] | Max version

I made a little port of returns (the max arc-app) in SC with additional features such as variable led-display width + all attributes of each ring are settable which allows for some interesting interaction between them. (as you can see in the example file) - so it acts like a general purpose controller abstraction i suppose.
I thought I’d wait until the whole thing was a bit more fleshed out before I share it… but that is almost a year ago and in the meantime I sold my arc so unfortunately there won’t be happening much else in this repo (unless someone feels like forking it and adding/changing).

Sooo… I still hope it’ll be helpful to someone as it is.

requires SerialOSCClient for SuperCollider