Arc approach

well, a new edition was uncertain: we haven’t made the arc since 2012 for many reasons. but i’m happy to share that the redesign is nearly complete-- and it was a substantial undertaking. all new mechanics (fully custom yet again) and this time we’ll be using high precision contact-less magnetic detection.

as a result of these developments i was able to get the entire thing onto one circuit board, which facilitated a form factor which will perfectly match the size of the new grid. warm white LEDs. same enclosure design. we’ll only be making a four-knob version.

once i have the final proven mechanical prototype (right now we have various parts that are close but need tuning) and (of course) a photo, i’ll announce pricing and a delivery date. i’m hoping to have this shipping mid june, along with a paired eurorack module that will fit nicely into our existing ecosystem.

update below: Arc approach


Wonderful! Not being familiar with the mechanics and feel of the “old” Arc, will the encoders have a clicked or completely smooth feel?

incredibly smooth, and noiseless.


The day is coming and my happiness is more than 20 characters.

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Forever a tool of desire. Can’t wait to see the new iteration and intergration.

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There is something very appealing to the bare PCB. There are these groups of three dots inside each circle. Can you explain to a non-engineer person what these are?

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wow stunning pcb!

can you talk a bit about “magnetic detection”? (they were optical encoders before? why the change?)


is nobody else seeing this!!!


Omg omg omg
Well, I just saw it. Can’t wait!!!

Wow, that’s great - I am really happy about this! Looking forward to getting to know the new module - is it some arcy CV circles? Accompanying the many triggers we are already lucky to have.

And will it be pushable?

Oh my, beautiful! Wouldn’t want to miss that one!! Click or non click, I’m in.

Can’t wait!
I’ve only ever used a super oldschool press+turn arc, so I can’t imagine how smooth this is going to be!

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Will the module support the older ARC?..I mean mine :neutral_face:

old arcs will be supported by the module.

new edition is non-push.


will the eurorack module work with an old 2-knob arc as well as the 4 knob version? i was only thinking today that it would be great to get an arc controlling a modular in some interesting way…can’t wait to see details of the module

Really exciting news. As a young father to a brand new grid kit (with beautiful pink leds I might add), are there any plans for a DIY kit?

That’s great news, congrats on what looks like another great idea! – Give us a sneak peak of the module panel!! :smiley: :smiley:

@lintfresh i’m not anticipating an arc kit. i had to use insanely tiny packages for many chips which require hot air rework to actually attach. and the mechanics are prohibitively expensive to even merit a price break for a kit.

that said, the serialosc protocol is open source and the concept quite straightforward, so it’d be a trivial project for someone with the skills to make a compatible device with OEM encoders etc.

@knecht yes it’ll have support for arc2, but like the 64 in current modules, some advanced functionality may be missing.

@polyoptics must spread out the surprises hey!!

Excellent! arc4 has been sitting next to earthsea/eurorack giving the grid filthy looks! I can’t bare it anymore!

I figured that was the case. Looks like you’ve got some beautiful custom machining happening there too maybe?

Regardless, you, sir, are an inspiration.