Arc apps ideas?

Since there will be new Arc owners very soon, i thought that would be nice to set a place to discuss about new app ideas.

My first thought is to make some euclidian rhythm generator, like this module :

Also, anything in the Omnichord/Arpeggios territory.

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I would like to write some max patches for non linear functions utlising arc as an input controller.

Interested if this works out

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i am waaay too much of a simpleton but i cannot see a better reason to get a rocking update on rodrigos TCG the chocolate grinder. it’s by far my favorite app of any i’ve ever come across over the years.


You might consider hacking on this if you are looking for arc => output


I would look at Frames parasite and see if the alt modes can be developed.
I really like the shift registry sequencer.

a post in the turntables thread made me think about this app : (sorry for cross-posting)
it’s a sequencer.
if it doesn’t exist, i think it could be a great app for an arc.