Arc + Atmega328P

I’m thinking of interfacing my Arc with an Atmega328P (Arduino Uno), I was looking at the Grids study resources tonight and saw there’s an Arduino Library for the Due, I also saw there’s example code for the Due and Grids. Seeing as how the Atmega328P is capable of communicating over serial is it possible interface it with Arc? Is there any resources or a good place to start with this (e.g. something similar to the Grid study example code)? I’d appreciate any discussion regarding this, cheers!

you would need a usb host shield for the Uno, to use the MonomeHost library. i haven’t personally tested this but can’t think of a reason it wouldn’t work.

serial-over-usb isn’t the same as a raw, rs-232 serial port though; some kind of USB host controller is necessary (shield, due, teensy, or anything else that supports the arduino USBHost library.)

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@zebra thanks for the info! Maybe I’ll give it a try using a teensy, would you happen to know of any sample code I could maybe play around with?

sorry, no. the API for MonomeHost is pretty simple and reasonably well documented in the header:
[ ]

i included a demo .ino script for grids:
[ ]

but i don’t usually have access to an arc so didn’t include that. the arc functions are almost identical though; e.g.:

void grid_led_set(uint8_t x, uint8_t y, uint8_t val);
void arc_led_set(uint8_t enc, uint8_t ring, uint8_t val);

if you have a little familiarity with c++ and arduino projects, it should be smooth sailing. if you want more help / tutorials in those departments, i’m afraid i’m not the guy to ask.

(if someone else wants to flesh out the MonomeHost readme or add more demo scripts, i’m sure we would appreciate a pull request.)

hth and good luck on your journey

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