Arc howto (osc/max)

check out the max 7 monome package for arc-howto.maxpat


So awesome!

FWIW, in order to get the encoder rings to update on movement, I made an edit to the accum subpatch (/example/ring/set => /monome/ring/set).

Not sure if that was “the right thing” but worked for me. :smile:

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What is the standard way to convert OSC to MIDI CC messages? I’ve tried some Max patches. Returns (listed on, Knobs and QuadKnobs. They work, but they don’t do exactly what I want. For example, Returns and Knobs doesn’t have Midi input, so I cannot receive messages from outside. QuadKnobs does have a Midi input and a Midi output, but it makes a weird thing. If for example I send the maximum value, CC 127 to Live, or to any other application, the knob that I am controlling in Live moves correctly. The problem comes when I modify that same knob with the mouse; if for example I move the knob to a minimum, both the Arc’s LEDs and the virtual QuadKnobs knob change accordingly. But if I then move the Arc knob again, it starts to move from the maximum value previously sent, not from the value it was at that time.
Am I missing something?
I’ve been trying to use the Arc just a few days. I understand that there should be a simple way to do what I am trying to do. Can you please help me? Thank you!

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I think the issue is that Returns does not behave like that. But it can! look at my example fix below

i added an inlet (yellow star) to the arc-set sub patch (expanded in the patch on the right) then tied the inlet value to the variable that keeps track of the knob value.

The slider in the red circle behaves like I think you want. So if you midi map it you should be happy. Note that the new slider is just my way of bypassing the original slider because its cursor locked or something… i was too lazy to figure out how to unlock it.

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Hi @ericmoderbacher, and thank you for your reply. I tried your fix, but it is giving me problems. When I patch the new slider to the arc-set suddenly I cannot enter any values, only 0 and 127. When I touch the knob it changes from 0 to 127 and vice versa. I think I made the correct changes, you explained it so well. Did you try that changes?

You can send me your max patch if you want. My email is . I can check to see if i can recreate the issue here.

Ideally you would want to get the original slider unlocked, i just wanted to give you a demo of the mechanism that had to be in place.