ARC “knob recorder” prior art?

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I feel like I saw someone talking about this at some point but can’t find the thread. Any thoughts on turn/gesture recording with the arc?

A few modular points of reference:

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i spoke about that in the ansible leves features… yes it will be great. but i don’t know how to add this function :frowning:

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Check out ‘mesh’ for an example of how this has been done before!

Just a raw OSC recorder, but with some monome grid commands to start / stop / loop those recordings.


Perfecto! This is exactly what I was looking for but couldn’t find.



In Pages you can setup a groovy page for the arc to do it in sync with ableton. Bad thing is that it was coded for 1st gen arcs and to engage the recording you have to push the knob. It works perfect i must say. for the new arcs we would have to change the engage system to a grid key or somthing. Phortran, the creator of pages, tried to help me on finding how to do that, but i’m really lost on the coding side :confused:

I made this little m4l patch emulating that :slight_smile:


Awesome! I knew I’d seen this video before. Thanks for jogging my memory. This is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of. Tempo-synced recording. Yeah.

How do you engage recording in your app? A record button in the m4l UI?

hi ppqq, i think it’s mapped to the push of the arc knobs
but it will be easy to map to another buttons, will look it

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No worries! I just re-read your description and it sounds like it only works with push-button arcs in it’s current state. Anyway, a button would be easy to add but only if there’s interest. For me, I intend to work outside of m4l so will be looking more at a pure max patch or, if I’m really ambitious, an ansible firmware hack.

Thanks for the added inspiration!

an ansible firmware would be awesome!!!

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