Arc Late 2017 OS X Installation Problems - Resolved

Just received my beautiful late 2017 arc, and I was having trouble getting it installed on os 10.12.6. After looking through several threads, I got it working properly by installing the 2.3 version of the FTDI driver, available at the very bottom of the page here:

Perhaps this will save other new arc recipients a bit of time. Cheers!

glad you found a solution, but i’m totally perplexed why this was necessary. in 10.12 the built-in appleFTDI driver has proven to work in the past.

thanks for the heads up.

I’m on a 2016 MacBook Pro, using the apple usb-c adapter. I could see the arc as a usb device and as a network device, but it was not recognized by max or m4l. No luck with the 2.4 version of the FTDI driver, either.

curious if the current 10.13 bug actually crept in at 10.12.6 then…

I’m happy to try and test anything once I’m home later. Just let me know…

also heads up to the other arc pre-orders-- i was able to ship out the first 5. remaining components are scheduled for arrival within the next 3 weeks. i’ll post an updated ETA next week. thanks for your patience!