Arc Levels Pattern Saving (V1.5) - need help


I’m following the instructions to save patterns in Arc levels but unable to do so.
I can save and read Levels presets, i can read Levels patterns.
When i write a pattern it saves to every slot even though only 1 slot is chosen.
I’m doing this while the clock is running.
If anyone can clarify how to do this with a short video clip that would help immensely.

I’m following these instructions - maybe i’m missing something when holding key 1??


Ring 1 and 2 provide read/write functions.
The current pattern is shown dimly. - this works for me.
If we rotate ring 1 to a new position and release Key 1 we move to that position. - this works for me
Similarly for ring 2, we move to the given position but overwrite that pattern with whatever our current values are set at. - this overwrites every slot - i can’t get to work
It’s a way of copying values between patterns - this i can’t do.

Ring 3 lets you move the pattern start position - this works

Ring 4 lets you change the pattern length. The length can be reverse, which will make patterns move in the other direction when clocked - this works

this is the link to a video to what i mean -

Hey Mlogger…

In your video, when you constrain the start/length to just a couple pattern steps over at 4 o’clock, you then go back and start moving the read and write rings but they are outside the range of the length you set over at 4 o’clock. So it’s hard to hear the effect of your write changes, since they are always outside of the range of your patterns. Try keeping the Pattern start/end between 12-4 o’clock and experiment with moving/copying the write ring around within and same range, between 12-4, so we can hear the changes. Make sense?

Of put another way, it took me a bit to understand that Patterns on Levels are more like a single step.


I see, that makes a lot more sense - its certainly not how the documentation reads though!

So what you are saying is the read (knob 1) and write (knob 2) need to cover the exact pattern range for it to save? Or you mean just write (knob 2) has to be in the pattern range at some place and the read (knob 1) can be any place?

That’s a bit bizarre because I thought when you write (knob 2) it just took a snapshot of your complete pattern that is playing.

Imagine that you have rings 3 and 4 set so that your Pattern(s) are moving from 12 o’clock to 4 o’clock. Each one of those steps is a ‘Pattern’. Not sure why he calls it that…

If you move the read ring 1 to 12 o’clock (while holding key 1), the settings at that Pattern position are highlighted and you can edit them. If you then hold key 1 and move write ring 2 to 3 o’clock, the setting from 12 will be copied to 3 o’clock.

So as your start-end move from 12 to 4 o’clock, noon and 3 will now be the same.

Again, I think they should be called steps…


Ok now I get you - patterns are what I would call “steps” also, and that is part of the confusion. I’ll play again with this tomorrow, but that is much clearer. Appreciate you help on that. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to work this one out, but couldn’t suss it at all.


Relieved to see that I’m not the only one confused by the docs. thanks @mlogger and @dudadius for the clarifications!

would either of you be able to explain the difference between “all-edit mode” and non-all edit mode? I remember reading an explanation somewhere when I first got my Arc but for the life of me can’t find it anymore. I’ve looked at the docs, but maybe I’m just glazing over it.

I honest can’t remember and haven’t been on it for quite a while. Maybe @dudadius does

Here’s the bit from the manual, but it doesn’t explain All-Edit clearly enough for my liking.

Mode - VOLT vs EDIT mode, also enable/disable ALL-EDIT mode.

Range/Scale - in VOLT mode we set Range, which specifies either full (0-10v), half (0-5v), or quarter (0-2.5v). In NOTE mode we set Scale, which lets you select various scale modes to confine values within.

Offset/Octave - in VOLT mode we set Offset, which adds a fixed voltage to ring values. 5v is marked at the north position. In NOTE mode we set Octave from 0-5 which similarly adds octaves to ring values.

Slew - for both modes, Slew is the transition time to new values on pattern change.