Arc Maintenance

@tehn, a couple of my arc knobs have become a bit loose and wobbly. Is this something that I can tend to myself, or would it require sending my arc in?

first off I apologize for the trouble.

everything can be tuned with a 1/16" hex. remove the bottom enclosure then gently tighten the two screws of the loose knob. overtightening can bind up the action, if so just loosen and reset.

if you run into trouble I’m happy to get it fixed up.


No worries! That seems easy enough, I’ll give it a go later today.

I received a used Arc yesterday (2019 edition apparently) and I’m having a fair amount of wobble on two of the four knobs. I tried tightening the screws as mentioned above but they didn’t seem to go any tighter. The packing wasn’t terrific, so it could’ve been damaged in transit, but is there anything further I can try?

hey hey! sorry to hear about the trouble.

there’s an additional screw which affects stability. using your 1/16" hex:

  • remove the bottom
  • remove the two screws below the problem knob
  • tighten the center knob screw
  • reattach everything in reverse order

we also can provide grease, which typically helps fortify stability – just email to arrange either that or in-house reconditioning!


I had a loose one a while back and new grease fixed it right up.