Arc pre-order now open


shipping around march 15.

these are functionally identical to the most recent edition— the LEDs have been changed to match the current edition of the grids.

thank you for your continued support!

and in case you missed this:


Exciting times ahead.

Got mine on pre-order!!! Yay!!!
BTW I love the Shopify verification code. Thanks for the extra step of security

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Now I just need a grid and two ansibles :sweat_smile:

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Pre-ordered. I’m excited to get back on the Arc train with the more unified Norns platform. It might be a fun project to port capstarc over.


maybe not feasible for a few reasons, but I was thinking how cool it would be if, when an arc is connected to norns and you’re in the 2.0 tape view, capstarc-like controls would be available, rather than it being a standalone script.

Just ordered grid and arc – and now I have to wait til mid of the year for Ansibles: How shall I endure this?

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Took me a while to find 2 ansibles. Finally getting the arc. Happy boy.

I’m afraid it will take me a while too…

Ordered! But need Ansible… (and if I can come up with extra funds, I’ll definitely get Norns as well.)

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Great news! I need an Ansible!

There’s an ansible on eBay.

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Ordered! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

when would the arc approximately ship if I place the order now ?

from first post above:

thank you but the question was more about the approximate lead times…which probably depends on how many orders are placed already

In case anyone cares for trivia:

To my eye (2019 arc, 2015 grid) they’re almost a perfect match! The new LEDs lean a hair purple in comparison to the grid’s leaning yellow.


My new Arc just arrived today. The wheels on my original ARC4 spun freely, the new Arc wheels are quite stiff and do not spin freely. Is this change by design or is it just that they are new and will loosen up over time?

From what I’ve read in Brian’s posts, the mechanics have been changed – not sure how it affects feel. I had an Arc in the past (the previous edition to this one) and don’t recall the physical wheels spinning on that edition.

On my new one, the thing I needed to relearn/recall was the gesture of adjusting the knobs on the edges, almost like the rim of a glass. I’ve also played with force and friction on Ansible Cycles to change the feel.

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My new Arc arrived a couple of days ago, and I’m not sure what the current version of Grids LED are supposed to look like but, this new Arc looks the exact same as my previous edition Arc (yellow LEDs.) Were they supposed to be White? Also, the Wheels are definitely stiffer than the previous version, but so far working well. I just need to find an Ansible module again…