Arc pre-order now open

There’s an ansible on eBay.

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Ordered! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

when would the arc approximately ship if I place the order now ?

from first post above:

thank you but the question was more about the approximate lead times…which probably depends on how many orders are placed already

In case anyone cares for trivia:

To my eye (2019 arc, 2015 grid) they’re almost a perfect match! The new LEDs lean a hair purple in comparison to the grid’s leaning yellow.


My new Arc just arrived today. The wheels on my original ARC4 spun freely, the new Arc wheels are quite stiff and do not spin freely. Is this change by design or is it just that they are new and will loosen up over time?

From what I’ve read in Brian’s posts, the mechanics have been changed – not sure how it affects feel. I had an Arc in the past (the previous edition to this one) and don’t recall the physical wheels spinning on that edition.

On my new one, the thing I needed to relearn/recall was the gesture of adjusting the knobs on the edges, almost like the rim of a glass. I’ve also played with force and friction on Ansible Cycles to change the feel.

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My new Arc arrived a couple of days ago, and I’m not sure what the current version of Grids LED are supposed to look like but, this new Arc looks the exact same as my previous edition Arc (yellow LEDs.) Were they supposed to be White? Also, the Wheels are definitely stiffer than the previous version, but so far working well. I just need to find an Ansible module again…

grid and arc have different diffusers so the LED hue may be slightly different. previous edition had a corrective orange gel per ring which was a nightmare.

yes, the new knobs feel closer to a potentiometer. there are other greases available that I could look into if people are interested in loose encoders. to be honest this latest edition is what I was originally trying to accomplish, but I understand there are different desires.

tuning the arc can happen with a 1/16 hex. don’t overtighten to avoid binding.

also! wanted to reiterate that the new arc uses a fraction of the current and fully works with switch/etc!


My grid and arc arrived yesterday. The LED colors have a yellow tint (which I like) and are matching well, so to my eye the arc LEDs luckily don’t have such a strong purple tint as it seems on the photo @alanza’s posted above.

I’m a little disapointed though that arc’s knobs don’t have push button functionality anymore. I had an arc with bush button knobs years ago and simply expected that it’s still that way. Of course my bad not reading the product description carefully enough, but when and why did that happen?

I would also prefer arc’s knobs a little more loose, so what exactly would I have to do to achieve that?

Apart from that: grid and arc look and feel beautiful! :slight_smile:

I want to point out that my Grid has different LEDs than yours because it is from 2015!

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Thanks, sorry, I completely missed that part of your post.

Maybe it’s still helpful for new/potential buyers to state that there’s no noticable purple tint when seeing 2019 grid and arc next to each other – so 2015 grids are probably just a tiny bit more yellowish.

…according to this Arc - how are you guys enjoying yours @okyeron

Button presses (from older Arc versions) are supported as well. ?

Clarification there - norns 2.0 has an Arc.key() function to support first gen arcs (and DIY devices) that have a button encoder.


“Tuning” means making the wheels more loose? If so, could you please explain the process a little more in depth? I have an Arc from the latest batch and would like to make it a llittle more loose if possible.

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You had a first generation arc, from 2011; the change happened in 2012.

It was controversial at the time, but people seem to agree that the higher resolution (the knobs are 4x as sensitive now) and overall stability (the first gen apparently broke a lot) were a fair trade-off.

I’d guess at this point, most users have never had pushbutton encoders, so that hasn’t been a part of the conversation for some time.

by tuning I meant matching sets as there is some minor variation in the manufacturing process

email if you’d like to send it in and we can discuss further

Thanks for the background information. So yes, I might be spoiled by my early adopter experience. :wink:

I had a few days with my new Arc now and I can see that currently this might be the only way to achieve a perfect version of the concept. I didn’t want to come across too negative: I like it a lot!

20 characters of thanks, will do!